Propane or battery powered?

Published 7/3 at 16:51

When purchasing a machine, surface preparation contractors must often see the bigger picture to avoid challenges after construction, with choices having to be made concerning the use of either propane and battery powered ride on floor strippers.

Ride on floor strippers were initially all petrol powered, but propane became a favoured fuel due to the release of fewer carbon emissions. As technology advanced and carbon emissions became a greater concern, battery powered machines were introduced. These days, floor preparation machine suppliers sell both types of ride on floor stripper, and each has its pros and cons. Deciding which to buy comes down to  priorities. 

An important consideration for contractors is the duration they plan to use a floor stripper in continuous operation. When the fuel tank in a propane powered machine is empty, it can be immediately refilled, whereas battery powered machines must be recharged regularly, which takes time. Therefore, for those that need to use a machine for long periods without downtime, propane powered ride on floor strippers are most suitable. 

Due to a lack of electricity supply in outdoor areas, propane powered floor strippers are also a sensible choice for contractors who work mainly on outdoor sites. In addition, compared to battery powered machines, those with combustible motors usually have greater horsepower, giving them a faster ground speed. This is beneficial for certain jobs, such as surface preparation on busy roads, where contractors might need to move a floor stripper quickly to avoid a traffic accident.

However, regulations on indoor job sites often forbid the use of propane powered machines due to the harmful emissions they release. Therefore, contractors who frequently work indoors should purchase a battery powered floor stripper, which is emission free.  Battery powered floor strippers also run much more quietly than combustible motors; for this reason, they are a favourable choice for jobs in residential areas and occupied office spaces. Another advantage is that the machines weigh more than propane powered floor strippers due to the weight of the batteries. This can make them more aggressive, improving their performance. 

In an ideal world, both a propane and battery powered ride on floor stripper would be acquired to cover all eventualities. But where this is not possible, a choice must be made.  In terms of performance, the variability between the two types is hardly noticeable, so should not be a key factor in the decision. The most important consideration is the type of site is most often worked on. Battery powered machines are arguably more practical as they can be used in most locations, provided they are fully charged before reaching a site without electricity.

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