Ramplifier sets new standards for the demolition industry

Published 25/3, 2019 at 14:42

At bauma 2019, Rotar will introduce its new Ramplifier for its brand new RCC concrete crusher to provide a greater force of cutting power, providing a massive increase from 350 to 700bar.

Ramplifier is installed inside the cylinder rod so it is fully integrated and can’t be tampered with. Ramplifier activates around 250bar, and though the cutting process slows somewhat, the already powerful RCC concrete crusher becomes much stronger. Compared with machines where no booster is used, the attachment requires a larger cylinder and therefore more oil, which leads to slower cycle times. Built for heavy industrial demolition, the RCC concrete crusher is ideal for jobs involving thick reinforced concrete such as bridges, garages and so forth. Adjustable cutting blades with shims can fine tune for the correct gap, while replaceable wear resistant teeth slide on easily with just four screws. Rebar cutter blades are longer and more user friendly for cutting in a straight.

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