Ramtec Attachment updates the DG demolition grapples product range

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:42

The Finnish company Ramtec Attachment, located in Lahti, is a manufacturer of the high quality Robi, Hytera and Kenguru attachments for excavators and wheel loaders. The Robi product family consists of demolition and handling grapples, crushers, screening buckets, hydraulic breakers and excavator buckets.

The Ramtec DG demolition grapple range is aimed at material handling duties in sorting, recycling and light demolition jobs featuring bricks and wood. There are five models in the range for carriers ranging from 3t to 42t.  The grapple is light enough for long reach applications, and due to its wear resistant materials and wear plates, is reliable and easy to use. DG grapples have 360o rotation and when higher torque for rotation is needed, there is a double motor option available for the three largest models. If an existing tilt rotator is to be used, the DG grapples can be delivered without a Robi rotation unit.

Three versions of jaws are available depending on the application. Jaws are made of ribs, plates with holes for the small grain size or solid plate, all equal in strength. The latest updated models, DG16R and DG21R, are the next development in the DG series and will replace the old models, DG15R and DG20R.  The redesign came after customer driven product development leading to a more robust body, optimised structure and stronger cylinder. The cylinder delivers optimum force distribution on the grapple jaws. Both of the models have maintenance free bearings in main joints to reduce greasing and to increase productivity. 


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