Reach another level with the Boss ‘Extractor 4000’

Published 24/4 at 12:13

Deep pit excavation is tricky, expensive and labour-intensive work unless of course you have the Boss Extractor 4000. The ‘Extractor’ series come in a range of sizes from 20m up to 45m, and in the case outlined, was set up for a 40m reach using a Volvo EC480DL excavator complete with bespoke features.

Boss Attachments was appointed with customising the complete machine for optimal performance, making modifications including a glass floor to enable the operator to see directly over the excavation site. This was in addition to the twin camera system supplied showing exactly where the bucket is at all times with a 360° view. The cab of the machine is capable of sliding forward 2.6m and has an auto lock out system to ensure utmost safety so there is no fear of damaging anything, or more importantly, falling into the hole. The complete setup goes from the very front of the excavator all the way to the back to the 4.6t underslung counterweight.

The Boss Extractor 4000 features what the company says is a unique backfill function allowing operators to use the bucket to put dirt back into the hole where generally tele arms are used solely to take dirt out. The company believes this to be a very first for tele arms and says it is only available on the current Boss Extractor series. There are a range of buckets available, and the model viewed featured a 1.5m3 bucket that is capable of reaching the full 40m down in 13 seconds, picking up a load and coming back up in 15 seconds.

Ordinarily for deep pit excavation, an excavator below loading up a skip bin would be required as well as a crane pulling the bin up, and a second excavator up top for then processing the material once tipped from the bin. That’s three machines, three operators and two machines sitting idle the whole time. This is very expensive, very time consuming and awkward to say the least. The Boss tele arm makes that old process completely redundant. Furthermore, the arm is easily removed within minutes making it is easy to revert to having a standard excavator onsite as soon as required.

The Boss Extractor 4000 is ideally suited for foundation works, narrow excavation shafts, metro stations, underground parking, underground renovations, canal clearance, and much more.

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