Record breaking year for Antraquip

Published 30/6, 2020 at 14:35

2019 was a record breaking year for Antraquip and its AQ line of drum cutters which are part of an attachment division with exclusive focus on mechanised rock and concrete cutting solutions.

Antraquip drum cutters continue to be embraced for not only controlled demolition or specialty projects, but also have frequently become essential equipment during larger demolition and mass rock excavation works. Designed to withstand extreme rock conditions and maximise production output, AQ drum cutters consistently are being put to work around  the world thanks to Antraquip’s rapidly growing dealer network. Antraquip’s  newly expanded US based factory is allowing for increased production  capacity to meet the growing demand for what the company says are the most powerful and reliable drum cutters on the market today. Some key features of Antraquip drum cutters include mechanical rotation - standard or hydraulic rotation (optional) - adjustable hydraulic motor displacements, dust suppression system, and customisable drum options for various applications.  Antraquip manufactures drum cutter models that can fit on excavators ranging from 1t to 100t.

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