Rockster crusher at work in Morocco

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:41

Since February 2020, a R1100D impactor with screen box and return belt has been creating valuable aggregate for CSB Mobile in Morocco. The easy handling, transportability and performance of the crusher were key criteria for the purchase.

CSB Mobile S.A.R.L. headquartered in Casablanca, is a specialist in earthworks contractor with the company also providing services ranging from roadbed preparation all the way to quarry stone mining. CSB wished to also undertake demolition and recycling work, requiring a crusher with large inlet opening and good performance. The company was recommended the track mounted Rockster R1100D impact crusher with hydrostatic drive which was subsequently acquired.  As well as the features mentioned, another reason why CSB Mobile chose the Rockster crusher was the patented Duplex system which enables the R1100D to be quickly modified from an impact to a jaw crusher and vice versa. This allows the user to achieve maximum machine utilisation and rapidly adapt to different job requirements. 

One such application was crushing heavily compressed sand which is excavated with a vibro-ripper from an extremely strong quarry wall. “This ripper produces solid lumps of sand. Then the excavator loads lumps into the crusher with a 5mm screen, and we get great sand,” says CSB owner Lurii Lisnichenko. With the screening system mounted onto the crusher it is easy to produce an accurately defined final grain size in one pass.  The mobility of the machine is also a very important factor in Morocco, most importantly for working directly on a jobsite or where a material extraction takes place. 

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