Rockster R800/900 Duplex with a new screening system

Published 1/7, 2015 at 15:49

The company Peyret Ferrer in the north east corner of Spain have there main focus in farming machinery rental and had many requests for crushing excess rocks, left on the fields as they were cleared for harvest. Peyret searched for a solution to process these boulders and bought a Duplex R800/R900 jaw/impactor crusher.

“First of all I didn’t know what I can do with two different crushing units, one jaw and one impact crusher. But then I explored all the advantages of this flexible two-in-one solution and now I really appreciate it,” said Peyret Ferrer chief executive José Peyret. ”I am much more flexible and can reduce the abrasive boulders with the jaw and then get the final cubic material, which can be used for high grade road surfaces.” He expanded into contracting and was bidding on many jobs in his local area, crushing material for using as base material for new industrial warehouses.

Peyret Ferrer was very successful in processing and recycling as the demand for projects in fields of road maintenance, road building or demolition was growing. Due to high needs for fine grade product he decided to add a screening system to his crusher. Rockster did all the adaptions needed, so Peyret Ferrer can use the Duplex system with a new screen box RS83 and return belt RB75.

Peyret prefers using the jaw crusher and screening system for processing virgin stone and boulders. “It is not so common to process material with jaw and screen on one machine, but José Peyret is convinced of this combination and receives high quality final grain sized 0-40mm,“ said Rockster manager for Spain Perry Holt.

“My Rockster plant started as a simple crusher and now I have all the possible components for a full operating gravel yard. It’s a primary crusher, secondary crusher and screen – all in one machine. I am more than satisfied with my investment,” said Peyret.

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