Rockster’s closed circuit impactor

Published 5/10, 2020 at 16:01

The R1000S closed circuit impact crusher with a screening system and air blower has been crushing at the Bauhof Deutschlandsberg since the beginning of 2020. Here it provides valuable services in the production of high quality recycled building materials.

Bauhof Deutschlandsberg GmbH has been providing the perfect material cycle for 24 years. With a nine person team and strong partner network, the company's specialisms are building demolition, container services and the recycling of all types of construction debris. On its 6.6h company premises, processed materials are immediately returned to the material cycle on the construction sites. The processing capacity on the Bauhof site is 80,000t per year, which corresponds to a saved landfill volume of 55,000m2. With a recycling rate of 98% landfilling is avoided as much as possible, with company founder Konrad Pistolnig senior stating: “The management of construction waste is of growing interest for both the construction industry and waste management. Residual building materials that do not end up in a landfill but are returned to the economic cycle as high quality RC building materials are an ecological necessity.”


New Rockster crusher 

At the end of 2019, Bauhof Deutschlandsberg GmbH management decided to replace its rented crushing plant with a new closed circuit R1000S impact crusher from Rockster. The impactor has been at the centre of the company's recycling since January of this year. “With our R1000S we have already produced 16,000t of concrete 0/80mm; 8,000t of asphalt 0/18mm; 600t of wall ballast 0/16mm and 500t of construction debris 0/20mm. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the end product. The mixture of coarser and fine grain is just right for further use in the concrete mixing plant or on construction sites,” says Pistolnig. 

Thanks to the compactness of the Rockster crusher, the contract crushing business has also been expanded. “The use of recycled materials is becoming more and more demanding and also brings some advantages to the construction company. You can save money, conserve natural resources and still use high quality building materials,” explains Pistolnig.

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