Rockwheel D30 used for flood relief system demolition

Published 24/11, 2018 at 13:42

Two Rockwheel D30 cutting units have been used for demolition work at the Zeulrenroda flood relief system in Germany. So called ‘concrete cancer’ had eaten away parts of the relief system, thereby necessitating renewal.

Teuchern based demolition company Todte GmbH & Co. KG, used the D30 units to cut through the system’s reinforced concrete (grade B55) with rebar ranging from 20mm up to 36mm in thickness, and outer and inner rings being 3m thick and 6m high. The job required not letting any demolition material get into the chute, low vibration and the removal of 1,900 m3 of reinforced concrete in five weeks. “Not only is the strong reinforcement cut through with ease, the 200mm high at iron is no problem for the Rockwheel D30,” says Thomad Todte, the site manager of Todte GmbH & Co. KG.

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