Rotair delivers high standards in hydraulic breakers across Europe

Published 12/9 at 13:04

In the world of demolition, Rotair believes that few names carry the same weight and reputation. The company now considers itself to be a leading manufacturer of hydraulic breakers, stating that its name has long been synonymous with top tier quality and innovation.

With a strong foothold in the southern European market, Rotair now seeks to extend its influence further into other parts of Europe, particularly targeting the excavator and mini excavator segments, where it has proved itself for decades.

The decision to focus on the excavator and mini excavator market is strategic and forward thinking. Rotair states that its versatile machines have proved themselves in the construction and demolition industries, where the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic breakers are paramount. Rotair's emphasis on quality means that the products are precision engineered to deliver reliable performance, making them a fit for these demanding applications.

Rotair states that what sets it apart in an industry brimming with competitors is its their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality assurance. “Rotair hydraulic breakers are designed and manufactured to meet the most rigorous international standards ensuring durability, safety, and efficiency with a keen eye on the evolution of the carrier machines, to adapt to new standards of flow and power,” says Dario Giraudo head engineer of Rotair.

To accomplish this ambitious goal, Rotair has adopted a multifaceted approach. It includes investing in design and engineering, expanding its distribution network, and cultivating partnerships with dealers who share the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Rotair states that it recognises the importance of offering comprehensive after sales support, including maintenance and spare parts availability, to ensure the longevity and performance of the breakers.

Rotair's journey from targeting first southern Europe, then focusing throughout Europe, is a testament to its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. The company states that its next target will be the USA, where ‘big is better’ is no more the leading theme and mini excavators are digging their way to higher positions in sales.

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