Rotary drum cutters reduce demolition noise

Published 27/12, 2019 at 17:17

Construction noise is one of the most disturbing sources of nuisance in sensitive areas and if there is any ‘ground shaking’, residents suffer even more. The solution for working with minimal noise and without vibrations is often found using Rockwheel rotary drum cutters.

People will put up with construction noise but not if it’s on their doorstep. This is where low noise Rockwheel rotary drum cutters come into their own, effortlessly crushing concrete, including reinforcement. This eliminates the vibration and ear splitting noise a hammer produces during operation, with only the engine of the excavator and the material working making a noise.

An example of low noise demolition was the removal of foundations in the densely populated residential area of Gaildorf, Baden-Württemberg. The old garden foundation wall had to be removed due to renovation. In no time at all a Rockwheel D15 on a 16t Hidromek excavator swept the foundation out of the front garden without disturbing the neighbours. Demolition drums with a helically shaped web cut through the reinforcement without any problems. Furthermore the pebble sized demolition material resulting could be reused straightaway for backfilling. Dust free operation is just as important as low noise operation. During the application five nozzles sprayed a fine water mist towards the drum, preventing any dust from spreading. The hose feed is located in the cutter housing and is therefore not affected by the demolition work.

The General Administrative Regulation (AVV) for protection against construction noise requires building owners, contractors and site managers to use low noise construction machinery and to use it efficiently. This is achieved with a Rockwheel. Three to four times faster than a hammer, a Rockwheel attachment milling cutter will work on the same material with minimal noise and vibration. The manufacturer firmly believes that cutting is the future in demolition.

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