SA man ‘deserted’

Published 29/6 at 16:28

Johannesburg based demolition team member is currently stuck in the desert fulfilling a contract in the Middle East, not being able to return to South Africa until an international flight ban has been lifted.

Richard Kelly is supervising the demolition of a 106m diameter oil tank with a capacity for storing approximately 200M/l, one of the largest in the world. Two South African members of his team managed to get back to South Africa after the local lockdown was announced.  However, Kelly has been stuck in lodgings on site, being involved in the project on behalf of South Africa’s Wreckers Dismantling (Cape) (Pty) Ltd.

“From a company financial perspective having a contract like this was beneficial as some work has continued during our lockdown when we have been inactive in South Africa.  But Richard has not been able to return to South Africa for a break since he arrived on site at the beginning of February. As we do not know when the situation will change he is there indefinitely but keeping busy meeting the contract needs and looking forward to getting back,” said contracts manager for Wreckers Dismantling (Cape) (Pty) Ltd, Kyle Perkin.

The project and host country, known to PDi, cannot be identified for contractual reasons.

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