Save money and get more efficient the Diatip way

Published 16/9, 2019 at 15:33

Jack Midhage is one of the legends of the Swedish concrete cutting industry.

He was the founder of the diamond tool manufacturer and building machinery supplier Jack Midhage AB, which is still a major player in the Swedish concrete cutting and rental markets. Internationally Jack Midhage became well-known face for his development of the smart and mobile diamond segment-retipping device, Diatip.

PDi Magazine’s editor in chief Jan Hermansson had the honour to work closely with Jack Midhage, in particular during the 1990s. Many of those who have been working within the international concrete cutting industry know and remember Jack, in particular from all the shows he exhibited at with his Diatip system. Jack sadly passed away in 2005, but his legacy still lives on. The company Jack Midhage AB is one of the larger distributors in Sweden, and the Diatip system is sold worldwide from the Midhage Diatip AB company. Today the company is run by Jack’s daughter, Carina Midhage and his son Morgan Midhage.

The Diatip system is a smart solution that enables the user of a concrete cutter to retip its core drills themselves, rather than spending money on having someone else do it or by buying new drill bits. With the Diatip device, a sufficient stock of freshly retipped drill bits will always be available ready to work on new jobs right away. Furthermore, the retipping procedure is easy. When a drill bit is worn out the tube is fixed in the Diatip device, and in a few minutes new slots for new segments are cut with the machine. To release the ring of old worn out diamonds, the position of the cutting head of the machine is raised by one height slot and new slots are cut between the first rows of slots. The worn ring of diamonds falls off, and the surface is ready for brazing of new diamond segments. 

The Diatip series today consists of four different models of retipping machines. The CD 600 Economy has the same functions as the basic model, but is a sort of economy version that is easy to transport, and allows retipping even on the worksite, being able to retip core bits up to 600mm. CD 7-28 Manual is the basic model and works without electricity, and can retip drillbits from Ø38mm to Ø700mm. The next model is the CD 7-28 Hydraulic which is run hydraulically, having the same capacity as the CD 7-28 Manual, whilst the CD 7-28 Automatic, makes the whole process of retipping drill bits automatic. 

With the latter, the machine cuts off the worn end of the old core bit and makes indexed regulated slots completely automatically. The required number of segments, and the depth of the slots for the segments is then set, with the system equipped with a hydraulic motor for cutting and a PLC controlled electrical motor for feeding. After the cutting is completed, during the brazing process, if the drill is still mounted on the machine the rotation of the bit is regulated by a foot pedal. Both hands are thus free for the silver rod and gas pistol. 

Besides the actual retipping machines, magnets to hold the new diamond segments are also produced and sold by Midhage Diatip. Additionally Midhage Diatip also sells silver and flux for the brazing as well as a number of accessories, with the Diatip system today being sold to all corners of the world.

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