Scanmaskin presents the World Series floor system

Published 7/3, 2019 at 17:09

The World Series system is a premium selection of products that have been created for customers’ demands all around the world, focusing on quality, service and reliability.

After much testing, Scanmaskin has now released a complete World Series tooling system including World Series metals, ceramics and resins.  

The focus for the World Series metal tools has been to achieve maximum productivity while providing longevity. The ‘W’ shaped segments increase the airflow around the tool, which helps prevent overheating and glazing. This ensures better longevity and higher productivity for the tool. The World Series metal tools are available in four different bonds. Black: hard bond segments for soft floors, Mohs scale 2.  Blue: medium bond segments for regular floors, Mohs scale 3-5. Gold: soft bond segments for hard floors, Mohs scale 5-7, and yellow, super soft bond segment tools for super hard floors, Mohs scale 7-9.  All are single and double tools and are available in 8mm and 12mm heights, and four different grits: 16/20, 30/40, 60/80, 140/150

The World Series ceramic tools are specifically designed to transition from a metal diamond to a resin polishing tool. The unique low profile design and high crystal density allow these tools to contour to the surface while achieving maximum refinement at the same time. The ceramics can also be used as the first step for a cream or salt/pepper finish, eliminating the need for a metal tool. The soft bond option works well on floors testing at 6-7+ on the Mohs scale. The ceramics are available as either soft and medium bonds for different concrete hardness, with a very high diamond concentration and options for small and large grinders. They are specifically designed to transition from a metal to resin tool with five grits being available: 50, 80, 100, 200 and 400.

The World Series resins are designed to achieve the final mechanical refinement on the surface, using diamond powders bonded in a resin matrix. The resins are engineered to transition from a honed surface to a highly polished surface with minimal steps, with a DOI of 55+ at the 800 grit level, or DOI of 75+ at the 1500 grit level. Available for both small and large grinders, the resins are specifically designed to transition from a ceramic to resin tool with seven grits being available: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000.

Along with these new developments, Scanmaskin has also released its own guide.  Company marketing director, Anna-Lena Lööf, explains, “Today there are many customers that don’t know what polished concrete is, and the steps to create the expected end result. Therefore, we have chosen to create a simple step by step guide to facilitate our customers’ process in polishing a concrete floor.”

The World Series floor guide, called ‘How to get a World Series floor’, combines the results of extensive testing together with a complete range, and explanation of the tooling needed for any job. The easy step by step guide helps to achieve the ultimate finish every time.  The World Series Floor includes three different systems that each can be used to achieve a matt, glossy, or super glossy finish. These are called, World Series Matte, World Series HF (high refinement), and World Series VHF (very high refinement). The system was first launched at the annual World of Concrete show in Las Vegas USA, 22-25January 2019.

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