Schwamborn highly satisfied with visitor response at bauma 2022

Published 20/12, 2022 at 10:47

As one of the few manufacturers of grinding and milling machines, Schamborn was able to gain awareness of its new developments at bauma 2022 in Munich. The innovations include the new milling machine BEF 400RC with remote control, the wall and ceiling grinding machines as well as floor strippers, all presented for the first time and met with great interest.

In fact, the BEF 400RC on the outdoor stand hardly stood still. New visitors kept coming to see the visually impressive milling machine live in action. What the visitors saw left a strong impression. The working depth was particularly impressive with an extremely even milling pattern. This is especially useful for car park renovations and large floor areas, whilst the new machine can be operated by remote control and is agile despite a working width of 40cm. It also provides large area performance when it comes to the deep acting removal of coatings, unevenness and overhangs. The company states that the first sales were sealed immediately after the bauma.

The trade fair visitors were equally impressed by the growing family of wall and ceiling grinding machines. After the ‘WDS 530’ caused a stir as a finalist in the 2019 bauma Innovation Award, important improvements and product ex-tensions were presented at the 2022 bauma. The WDS 530 can now be used with excavators, which enables walls and ceilings to be grinded and uncoated flexibly at all angles. With the ‘little sister’ presented at bauma, the WDS 250, it is now also possible to grind walls and ceilings in small and cramped spaces. Both WDS machines enable mechanical work that previously had to be carried out manually with hammer drills. The company states that this is good news especially for the demolition industry because the requirements for the separate disposal of building materials during demolition are becoming stricter and more expensive when it comes to manual work. With a contact pressure of 200N to 1,000N, the wall and ceiling grinding machines are said to deliver an infinitely adjustable force that no other solution for grinding and decoating can offer.

In line with the aforementioned, the portfolio of diamond tools has also been revised and further differentiated. Under the name ‘Giants’, economical tools specialist tools for the respective task and complementary in the work steps at hand, were presented. In addition to a significant improvement in service life, the advantages of the Schwamborn system were said to be highly visible at the show. Depending on the nature and condition of the floor, the grinding machine and tools can be configured for the best possible result.

“We always aim to offer the best possible solution for every type of tillage,” says Schwamborn CEO Eckart Schamborn. He explained that what was still missing has now been presented for the first time at bauma. With the new floor strippers, Schwamborn now also offers professional machines for removing floor coverings during renovation work. The spectrum ranges from the removal of PVC and linoleum through to carpets, parquet and floor tiles. “The floor strippers not only remove the covering but also the corresponding adhesives at the same time,” says product manager Tobias Raab. “Perhaps the great response at bauma is also due to the fact that we actually put our bauma motto, ‘Innovations to make up ground’, to the test.”

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