Schwamborn to present a globally unique innovation at bauma

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:31

The new WDS 530 is a global first and is a finalist in the bauma Innovation Award competition.

Heavy demolition, renovation and design work, which previously had to be realised by hand, can now be undertaken mechanically with this Schwamborn development using professional grinding technology achieving what is said to be outstanding area performance.  This development is the result of the demands associated with demolition, renovation and design continuously increasing, both in ergonomic and efficiency terms. This has directly led to this innovative, user oriented solution to tackle these challenges. 


Efficient and ergonomic

The WDS 530  incorporates over 50 years of experience in professional grinding technology for walls and ceilings. The WDS 530 has a hydraulic drive which can be operated by remote control enabling efficient grinding and structuring of extensive wall and ceiling areas, achieving an outstanding surface finish. Moreover, it considerably simplifies work and relieves the stress associated with the previous technology which either required manual application, or could cause damage to the building surface. 

“Having been designed for working with Brokk demolition robots, this machine enables the achievement of uniformly high contact pressure on walls and ceilings, with ‘Cardan’ technology ensuring that the grinding head lies flat at all times on the surface. The machine can be fitted with a variety of tools (grinding diamonds, bush hammering tools), depending on the application,” says company chief executive Eckart Schwamborn.

These features make the WDS 530 ideal for a variety of application areas; an example being the efficient, rapid, thorough and safe removal of coatings, including those containing harmful substances such as asbestos. Paint, plaster or tile adhesive applied over a broad area can now be efficiently removed. Another area of use is in subsurface preparation during renovation work and the creation of designer or natural stone floors through grinding with diamond tools.


Environmentally friendly 

The machine removal of coatings now employed minimises the risk of damage to operator health. The combination of a professional dust extraction system (including in protected areas) enables safe disposal with a maximum degree of protection for operators and the environment. “You'll gain ground with us,” has been Schwamborn's promise to customers in the construction industry for many years now says Eckart Schwamborn. “We develop and manufacture high tech building machinery and accessories for grinding, milling, trowelling and cleaning of floors  and now also walls and ceilings.”

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