Serbian Demolition Association holds sustainable demolition conference

Published 27/12, 2018 at 11:11

The Serbian Demolition Association (SDA) held in Belgrade on the 28 and 29 November its annual international conference. The main subject was titled, ‘Industry and sustainable demolition or solution’, and drew on the experience of companies from throughout Europe and Serbia.

The conference was opened by EDA (European Demolition Association) president Francisco Cobo Valero. Mr. Cobo Valero recommended in his welcoming speech that Serbian and regional companies involved in the industry, as well as scientific and other professional institutions, should join the Serbian Association.  A major reason for this given was that as technical and practical knowledge is crucial in demolition, classification, treatment and disposal of construction waste, with it being necessary to educate both personnel and companies. In Serbia and the surrounding region, these processes can be assisted by the Serbian Demolition Association.

In support of Valero’s opening remarks, many participants stated that the conference was extremely important in raising public awareness of the demolition process in Serbia and neighbouring countries. Thus the conference was able to reinforce that the proper classification of construction waste and its disposal is of great importance, not only for the economy of the country, but also for the protection of the environment and the well-being of citizens. 


Expert presentations

Serbian Universities and scientific institutes made ‘expert’ presentations on the first day of the conference. These were found to be ‘extremely interesting’, while the second day of the conference was dedicated to the experience of a number of European countries. These included Belgium, Finland, Italy and Netherlands.

One of the most interesting lectures was the experience of the Serbian Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca. Dr. Gvozden Tasic talked about the work of the Institute in the application of new technologies in the field of environmental protection. He cited the experience of the institute in addressing the problem of so-called ‘smelly buildings’. Members of the institute were used by the Construction Directorate of Serbia to find how this came about, and how to solve it.

Experiences from Belgium and France were shared by Johan D` Hooghe from the Belgian federation CASO , which deals with demolition and recycling management, while Kai Salmi spoke about the recycling programme in Finland. The unique demolition of Italian city centre buildings by Stefano Panseri was discussed, including the use of the ‘Top-Down-Way’ demolition method. Marko Milacic of the French company Suez, which operates in Serbia, spoke of the need to separate waste.


Educating staff

The president of the Serbian Association, Mr. Bojovic said that this first international conference had been ‘highly successful’, and it is intended to repeat the event next year. Of the expertise available through the association he said, “The conference showed that there is enough knowledge, strength and power in Serbia to rise and initiate changes in our country and region in this very important area, for which the Serbian Association has been advocating for two years. We have a lot to work on education, we have from whom to learn and what to learn, we have faculties, institutes and other professional capacities, help from the EDA and other colleagues from the country and abroad, who sincerely want to help us define joint activities which will lead to certain legal forms that will enable us to transfer the acquired knowledge into everyday life in Serbia."

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