Smart buckets for a wider range of applications

Published 7/3 at 12:45

Here is PDi’s annual feature comprising of new crushing and screening buckets for demolition and recycling applications. Jan Hermansson reports.

As the construction and civil engineering market in the western world becomes increasingly circular, machines and equipment are being developed in parallel, with a focus on ‘circular thinking’. The equipment is increasingly flexible and easily adapted to the task at hand, with a good example of this being the supply of buckets for crushing and screening, for instance, of demolition materials. This has seen the number of manufacturers increasing with the models being increasingly adapted to cater for a larger variety of applications and materials. The capacity of the buckets has also changed significantly enabling large and small amounts of material to be effectively processed in a short time.

According to tradition, PDi Magazine annually publishes a special feature in the first edition of the year where the latest news in this field is presented. Generally speaking, most of the companies that develop and manufacture tools for demolition, such as hydraulic hammers and other types of hydraulic demolition tools, also sell hydraulic buckets for crushing and screening. In addition, there are a number of companies that specialise in the development and manufacture of crushing and screening buckets only. These manufacturers are MB Crusher, Simex, Hartl Crusher, Allu, BAV, to mention a few. Below we feature some of latest news including developments that have been launched or will be launched in the near future.



One of the biggest players in crushing and screening buckets is Allu from Finland, with its Transformer line including models optimal for crushing and screening demolition debris. As the bauma exhibitions approaches, Allu is not revealing anything other than that there will be new products launched at the show. What the company does reveal though at this stage is the upgraded Allu mobile app has new functions aimed at helping customers improve productivity and jobsite safety, whilst also providing enhanced customer service.  Further the Allu TS blade structure will come with two fragment sizes and a new blade thickness of 8mm. Further Allu new features include the TS doubling / tripling new blade variations for combinations of between 8mm right up to 105mm providing more possibilities with just one Allu. Allu has developed the patented unique the TS blade structure, further cementing its position as a pioneer in the field. The TS blades are a modern development for the screener / crusher market, with Allu set to deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity with the new blade variations.


Green Attachments

Another Finnish manufacturer, but also a fairly new player in the market, is Green Attachments which produces tools for demolition and recycling purposes. Besides manufacturing traditional demolition and recycling tools, Green Attachments also make buckets for screening, mixing and even crushing applications. “Our range maintains a high material quality, and at the same time, a really low weight. The newly developed box design allows for an extra large volume, which results in increased capacity,” says the company's chief executive Benjamin Pitkäsalo. Due to these factors the bucket axles are easily replaceable, with the products being easily adapted to different tasks. The axle design allows the material to be transported back and forth and thereby increases productivity, enabling smooth material flow which provides increased production. Eight basic models and a series of axle variants for diggers between 5t-40t, and wheel loaders from 3t-30t comprise the company’s screening bucket series, Brown SB. The various exchangeable axles can be adapted for the screening of topsoil, peat, sludge, contaminated material and so forth. The mixing axles are suitable for screening bio waste, sticky materials, bricks, glass, clinker, compost and more, with the axles for crushing being suitable for processing traditional demolition residues. 


MB Crusher

Italian manufacturer MB Crusher does not need a detailed introduction and it was the company that put mobile crusher buckets on the map. The manufacturer now has an extensive range of buckets for both crushing and screening. In terms of new developments, the manufacturer informs that at the bauma show in April its products will be exhibited in three places. Outdoors in booth FN 832/9, where there will be product demonstrations aimed at crushing, screening and cutting including the new MB-R500. Furthermore, products will be displayed between the halls A6 and B6, and in hall B5 at booth 424. MB Crusher further announced that during the fair, it will reveal a large and revolutionary development, but does not wish to comment more before its launch at the show. The aforementioned MB-R500 is a new milling head intended for diggers, backhoe loaders and compact loaders between 3.5t and 11t. 


Prodem and bph attachments

British manufacturers Prodem and bph launched as recently as January this year a new series of rotary screening buckets called PSB-R. According to the manufacturer, the series has a competitive price without sacrificing quality, and is ideal for screening different types of waste for demolition, construction, organic waste, landfill and other associated applications. The series comprises of nine new models and is designed for carriers between 2.5t and 75t being suited for in-situ use of residual materials, thereby keeping costs down. The ranges’ construction includes a newly designed profile for the material intake that facilitates loading. The PSB120R model (and upward) is provided with a tapered bottom to increase the screening area and maximise productivity. Other important features include an integrated relief valve that protects against greatly increased oil flow, and protection for hydraulic components, which at the same time are easy to maintain. The buckets are also provided with a four part view mesh that can be replaced quickly and safely. The screener’s bearings’ are double to reduce the risk of wear and tear. The screening drum is extra protected to reduce wear from material, with the wear parts on the bucket being bolted to make the work of replacing wear parts easier and faster, which minimises down time and increases production. The series is also available for use with wheel loaders.


Italian manufacturer Simex has developed and launched various unique types of buckets for crushing and screening, thanks in part to many patents, since the launch of the first screening bucket in 2015, VSE 40. VSE 30, VSE 20 and VSE 10 followed on from the first model. The VSE 20 is intended for carriers between 12t-18t, whereas VSE 10 was developed for carriers between 8t-13t. All buckets have an excellent weight to capacity ratio, and are excellent for crushing, screening and recycling in demolition applications. Simex’s series of crusher buckets, CBE, have been developed to be real workhorses in the workplace. CBE 50 is the largest in the series, which consist of the CBE 10, CBE 20, CBE 30 and CBE 50 models, with the latter being designed for 38t-55t carriers. What is especially unique about the CBE 50 is its crushing effect, which can be as much as 190 kN at the crushing teeth. The bucket is equipped with a rotor with crushing teeth, with the crusher being activated with hydraulic piston motors with direct drive without reduction gears. The crusher has a capacity of 1.80m3 and has a wide jaw opening that allows smooth loading, producing an end product of between 0-80mm and 0-140mm. 


VTN Europe

The Italian manufacturer VTN Europe has been in business for almost half a century. At the bauma show it will announce a number of new equipment developments will be launched. However, the company does not want to say exactly what is going to be launched at this stage. PDi’s feeling is that these developments will comprise of new crushing and screening buckets. What we know though is that VTN will launch its new CK 22 combi crusher, as well as a new fixed secondary crusher called VF 23HM. VTN will also launch a new quick coupling system for hydraulic demolition attachments called Link-o-Matic. 

Xcentric Ripper

Another player that has gain ground in the hydraulic crushing and screening buckets field is Spanish manufacturer Xcentric Ripper, which is based in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the central north region of Spain. The company’s line up of seven crushing buckets range from the XC15 to XC60 for carriers from

13t to 85t in weight. These compact and powerful crushers weigh from 2t to 10.5t depending on the model. The crushing buckets possess a unique design with (patent pending) technology that applies a high inertia power train, circular jaw movement and a ‘new and easy’ anti stagnation plate. This plate prevents large shredding pieces from getting stuck in the mouth of the bucket, not allowing them to enter the crushing jaws. The manufacturer also offers three screening bucket models: XS20, XS40 and XS50 for carriers from 18t to 55t with operating pressures from 20MPa to 25MPa. These attachments are quite lightweight weighing 1,550kg, 2,200kg and 4,730kg respectively. 


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