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Published 7/3 at 16:41

The demolition and concrete sawing industries go hand in hand, yet in some ways they couldn't be more different.

This manifests, for example, in their approach to preparing for a big exhibition. If manufacturers of excavators and attachments begin their campaigns well ahead of the show, sending out press releases on new products and staging various media events, players in the sawing and drilling business tend to be more reticent. In part, it explains a somewhat modest amount of entries submitted for this report on the latest concrete coring systems. Undoubtedly, we will see a lot more innovations at bauma in just a month’s time. Andrei Bushmarin reports.


WEKA expands dry drill portfolio  

German based trendsetter in drill motors, WEKA, has expanded its dry coring range with the addition of the new two speed DKS15 model for up to 200mm applications featuring a ‘soft impact’ function. The function, which can be switched on and off, permits high performance dry drilling in reinforced concrete and other hard materials. An easy to use dust extraction system and very compact size make the new drill motor ergonomic and operator friendly. With rated power of 2,000W, the machine can be used in both hand held and rig based modes. The two speed gearbox has an oil bath lubrication system for high efficiency and durability. The DKS15 is available with D and P handle.


Hycon: hands on 

solutions for multiple industries  

Based in Støvring, Denmark, Hycon specialises in hand held demolition and cutting tools. Thanks to the broad applicability of its machines, the Danish company enjoys a worldwide customer base, which includes specialist cutting and demolition contractors, utility companies, municipalities, railway operators, rescue teams and military engineering units. Hycon’s hand held drills boast a number of advantages over conventional rig based systems. First and foremost, purchasing and operating costs are lower with Hycon machines as there is no rig to set up. Compact dimensions and low weight allow for versatility in application. The machine drills up to 350mm in different materials thanks to high torque and the fast responding ASCO safety system. The inbuilt ASCO (automatic safety cut off) system automatically shuts down the machine if the core bit jams. The standard 60mm round front end makes it easy to mount the drill onto most existing rig types. All parts are bathed in oil to reduce maintenance and increase service life. With a ‘smooth start’ function and variable rotary speed, the drill is a breeze to operate. Thanks to the airtight housing, it can also be used underwater.   


Tyrolit features new wet drilling system  

The Austrian-Swiss heavyweight Tyrolit-Hydrostress has launched its new DRS250 system, which combines operational simplicity with a large drill diameter range. The powerful 2.5kW drill motor and stand are designed to function as a single unit. The two speed oil bath gearbox ensures efficient lubrication in every working position as well as an optimal torque to speed ratio. Designed for up to 250mm wet coring applications, the new system boasts a compact, lightweight and user friendly construction. The mechanical overload clutch and integrated PRCD safety switch ensure operational safety. An optional vacuum plate offers extra flexibility when installing the drill rig.  


Dymatec adds 

auto feed system to the programme 

UK based Dymatec is now offering to the market a new auto feed drilling system allowing users to significantly increase output on the holes drilled. The DAF - 400 auto feed drilling system features automatic sensing technology, which reduces the speed of the drill bit when it hits steel reinforcement and increases it again once the steel is cut. It also senses when the core bit has drilled through the material and stops automatically. Designed to fit a variety of drill stand types and suitable to run with any drill motor, the DAF - 400 performs effectively on hole diameters ranging from 50mm up to 300mm. 


Hilti’s DD 30-W drills fast clean and quietly  

Designed for heavy duty drilling, Hilti’s new coring system, DD 30-W, utilises patented ‘TopSpin’ technology, which combines 8700rpm with a slightly eccentric rotation of the core bit. This solution allows for transferring more pressure to the diamond ring, which results in faster drilling. According to the manufacturer, the DD 30-W permits users to set adhesive anchors in concrete with rebar five times quicker and quieter than before. Thanks to low noise levels, the new drill is particularly suitable for jobs in inhabited facilities such as hospitals, commercial and residential buildings. When used in combination with the Hilti water management system DD-WMS 100, the DD 30-W considerably simplifies water, slurry and dust treatment. Water is recycled up to seven times, providing water autonomy for up to a day. Slurry is captured in a filter bag to make the disposal process easy. 

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