Steelwrist at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas, 14-18 March, 2023

Published 6/3 at 10:59

At ConExpo, Steelwrist aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to meet the growing North American team and to experience demonstrations of how the tiltrotator and the ‘SQ’ fully automatic quick coupler system increase excavator efficiency.

In the interactive booth, visitors will see several new products at first hand, and as they make their way through the festival grounds, Steelwrist products will also be on display with several other major excavator manufacturers.


Steelwrist extends the quick coupler and tiltrotator offering

The new range of SQ50 quick couplers and tiltrotators is targeted toward 7t to 13t excavators. SQ is a high performing fully automatic oil connection technology, used in quick couplers and tiltrotators on excavators to connect hydraulic work tools. Steelwrist says that outstanding flow characteristics and competitive building height and weight are significant advantages of the SQ50 which meets the specifications of the Open-S standard for fully automatic quick couplers.

The X12 and X14 tiltrotators are redesigned with a new top and attachment coupler in order to make it possible to upgrade from S50 to SQ50 at a later stage. SQ on the top side (upper coupler) of the tiltrotator for rapid change between tiltrotator and other work tools, and SQ on the bottom side (attachment coupler) of the tiltrotator are designed to enable a rapid change between hydraulic work tools. By using SQ, tiltrotator work tools can be made less expensive as the rotation function is included in the tiltrotator.

With the introduction of SQ50, ‘Qplus’ technology has been updated to allow for even higher flows, adding another 20% to flow capacity. “With the introduction of SQ50 fully automatic quick couplers and tiltrotators, we will change the game in the growing 10t excavator segment with flow capacities of 120l/min with low back pressure. This allows for efficient use of high flow work tools also for mid-size excavators,” says Stefan Stockhaus, Steelwrist CEO.


Meeting the demand 

Steelwrist’s range of SQ fully automatic quick couplers includes models for excavators up to 70t. The latest addition to the range for the demolition industry, the SQ90 quick coupler, will also be presented at ConExpo at the Steelwrist booth. All Steelwrist SQ products follow the global Open-S industry standard for fully automatic couplers for excavators. The ambition with the global Open-S industry standard is to give machine operators and contractors around the world the freedom to combine quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers who follow the standard.

With a common standard it is easier for industry manufacturers to continue competing with performance and functionality, and still offer customers’ compatibility. “The global Open-S industry standard is good for both the machine owner and the industry as a whole. It strives to give the machine owner the freedom to choose what solution to buy and the manufacturers to focus on developing features that enhance performance and functionality of their products,” says Stefan Stockhaus, Steelwrist CEO.


Tiltrotator range expanded

The installation ratio for tiltrotators on the smallest excavators is starting to grow globally and in response Steelwrist is now introducing the new X02, a tiltrotator suitable for 1.5t to 2.5t excavators. The X02 is accompanied by a complete range of work tools resulting in increased efficiency and versatility which also convert the smallest excavators into true tool carriers. The X02 was first shown to the world at bauma, Munich, in October 2022, and has now made its way to North America. The X02 is positioned between the smallest ‘TCX’ tilt coupler for machines below 2t and the X04 tiltrotator for excavators from 2.5t to 4t. Again, the focus with X02 has been to design and make a fully cast product with the best strength-weight ratio and low building height.


Optimised range of work tools

The X02 tiltrotator is accompanied by a complete set of Steelwrist S30 work tools, such as grading, digging, cable/trenching and ‘v’ditch bucket, asphalt cutter and ripper. In the autumn of 2022, a multi grapple was added to the work tool offering for the X02. This turns the excavator into an efficient and versatile tool carrier that can perform work in a wide range of applications. “With the launch of the X02 we finally complete the tiltrotator range for excavators below 2.5t. The X02 is a fantastic combination of innovation and robustness which customers have been waiting for,” says Stefan Stockhaus.

You can find Steelwrist at its booth F8726 at the ConExpo-Con/Agg show 14-18 March in Las Vegas.

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