Steelwrist expands mini excavator line

Published 5/10, 2020 at 16:21

The demand for more versatile solutions for very small excavators below 2t continues to grow. Solutions in this range not only need to be versatile but also robust and cost effective.

As a result of these demands, Steelwrist is now expanding its product portfolio, with the fully cast TCX S30-180 and S30-180 products. Both types can be delivered with manual locking or hydraulic locking depending on customer needs.

Steelwrist introduced the first steel cast quick coupler in 2012 and now have many thousands of such products in the field. The advantages with casting are now well understood, where the combination of strength versus weight is superior when compared to welded solutions. Additionally both the TCX and S30 quick couplers come with a front pin safety hook that complies with the new regulations for quick coupler safety.

With the tilt coupler customers are provided with a safe yet quick coupler solution and a tilt function that makes the excavator far more versatile, with installation being easy, with the compact TCX also having low weight. It is suitable for excavators’ up to 2t and is available direct mounted with a S30 coupler, both manual and hydraulic. The TCX replaces the TMX tilt coupler in the product offering. 

The fact that the S30 quick coupler and TCX tilt coupler are free from welding, has large pin contact surfaces and optimised material thickness, creates an extremely robust design which will ensure a longer operating life.

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