Studying Brokk customers and machine usage: Brokkology

Published 21/4, 2020 at 13:09

Brokkology is the study of Brokk customers, owners, and operators and how they utilise Brokk machines.

This is but the starting place for their stories, and for over 30 years, Mike Martin has had the pleasure of helping Brokkologists build their businesses. While working to understand the complexities of their projects, he has teamed with Brokkologists to refine their project needs and determine how a project can best be managed. 

“What I have personally found most interesting was not necessarily related to our product or their project, but rather the entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep within these Brokkologists. We call these users ‘Brokkologists’: those have defined the uses for Brokk machines. Their experience and stories will help others to know how the Brokk world began, how it has matured, and its direction toward the future,” says Mike. “Brokkologists change how they approach and manage their projects, and focus on how their work is done. Their stories need to be told, and will benefit future Brokkologists with their own project goals.” Those interested are welcome to listen to these stories on Brokk podcasts.

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