Superabrasive launches all-new generation of grinders

Published 7/3, 2019 at 17:12

At World of Concrete in Las Vegas in January 2019, Superabrasive, the manufacturer of the Lavina line for concrete grinding and polishing, launched an all-new generation of grinders called Lavina Elite.

The new series includes a complete range of electric and propane powered grinders from 500mm up to 965mm. Additionally 635mm and 832mm (approx.) new remote controlled electric models were also introduced. Guided by contractors’ experience, Superabrasive has developed an array of new features that will make grinding and polishing jobs easier. Completely redesigned frames provide superior manoeuvrability and easy tool changes, whereas dust proof grinding heads protect the internal components from dust and moisture and increase service life. The belts have been upgraded on 500mm, 635mm, 762mm models and the heads have a locking mechanism for safer tool attachment. 

Elite grinders now come with integrated weights for adjusting the grinding pressure, and with a new dust suppression fine misting system, which effectively suppresses dust particles from 0.1 to 1000microns. This approach avoids the moisture problems of common spray type system used in combination with dust extractors. Water may also be delivered under the machine for wet applications, with the water pump also having been upgraded. The dust collection on Elite grinders is also improved; the hose connection is now closer to the dust source, and utilises a metal camlock attachment. All machines come standard with the new Lavina floating skirt with a flexible brush. 

Superabrasive has further developed other user friendly features. These include adjustable LED lights in the front and back of machine; a phone charging station with a phone holder and dual USB port 2.0, a durable stainless steel cup holder and non-marking grey rubber tyres.

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