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Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:51

This year sees many new products in the field of dust suppression, a blend of both dust cannons designed for demolition worksites, as well as innovations aimed at combatting the coronavirus.

WLP Systems presents its new cannon Demolitor 70. The water pump is submersible and it is integrated into the chassis, which, according to WLP, guarantee high efficiency and smooth functioning at 2.2kW. The new fan designed with side TIPS and a new flow-aligning system guarantee up to 60m of jet with 11kW of installed power, says WLP. The swing is freely programmable covering an arc of 340° and thanks to the release handle it can be rotated manually. The machine is equipped with one main solenoid valve with an integrated filter, which, according to WLP, is easy to maintain and ensures that the cannon can also be used independently from a water supply through a water tank, without an additional supply pump. Just like all WLP appliances, the D70 is equipped with a radio control for operating from safe distance. The D70 is also available in an approved road version.

In view of the ongoing sanitary emergency, WLP decided to use its know-how to design and produce sanitation machines. This led to the creation of a complete line of cannons called Sanitank 70, Sanitank 300, using its know-how also on the management of high-pressure water and D50BP NCA, using the Demolitor cannons as a base frame. WLP also presents the new Sanigate, a portal to be placed at the entrance of commercial activities, offices, sport centres, hospitals, etc., which, according to WLP, guarantees the complete personal sanitation at each step.


New fog maker from Idrobase

Idrobase Group presents Falco, a new fog maker for air washing. Thanks to the small size of the water droplets (12mcr) it allows reduction of air pollution (PM10 and PM2.5), dust suppression, odor neutralization, cooling and sanitization.

The most important innovation in Falco is the new 4,3” touch screen. Through the interface it is possible to control, program and record the machine’s operation. The brushless motor mechanism, with the automatic movement system of the fan unit, allows to reduce maintenance costs by 80% and to increase trice the lifetime of the product, according to Idrobase. Falco is a fog maker with compact dimensions, 70bar working pressure with a 25m throw, equipped with 30 nozzles and available with 6, 11 and 15l/min flow rates, a rotation angle from 0 to 330°, a manual elevation from -20 to +30°, as well as full SS piping.

Idrobase also brings into play the fog maker Lince Disinfettante, which, according to Idrobase, soon finds wide use in institutional and welfare contexts (schools, kindergartens and administrative offices), but also in recreational sites (such as discos and shops). Lince Disinfettante is a wheeled fog maker of the Idrosan line.

The main advantage of the solution, according to Idrobase, is the power and calibrated size of the machine, so that it can do the job smartly and quickly in public places. Lince Disinfettante can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the 800x650x1200mm (WxDxH) measurements that allow a single operator to manage movement and operation at the same time. The handle bar and the adjustable cannon (+30°) allows the operator to sanitize small and medium-sized environments, such as public and private rooms, and control the considerable volume of nebulization. Ten nozzles nebulize the liquid with a range of 7m in very fine micro-drops of 10mcr at a pressure of 60bar. The 30l tank allows a nebulization of 30min (the flow rate is 1l/min). The result, says Idrobase, is a fine and highly pervasive mist that works non-stop.

The Manual Disinfection Kit allows to dispense disinfectant or other solutions in targeted corners and small areas, through a comfortable lance and two different nozzle holders. Lince Disinfettante can also be used with two products of the Idrosan line, distributed by Idrobase Group and suitable for the most frequent needs: BKD-Purple (sanitizer in 10l tank) and IdroSafe (disinfectant in 25l tank). Practicality, equipment and options are matched to make Lince Disinfectant the most suitable all-in-one solution to fight threats to health in public places, says Idrobase.


Generac Mobile introduces Power Jet

Generac Mobile has released its latest innovation in the field of portable dust fighters, the Power Jet. The new Power Jet joins the Dust Fighter product line, a series of dust suppression units designed to control and reduce dust and particulate matters in different environments and applications, such as mines, quarries, demolition sites and crushing plants.

The Power Jet has compact dimensions and a manual control panel that, according to Generac, allows the operator to set up and operate the machine in just a few minutes. Power Jet is equipped with an integrated high-pressure pump, able to increase the water pressure up to 75bar. This allows the unit's nozzles to spray a high-pressure flow of fine mist capable of capturing and breaking down dust particles up to 30m, says Generac.

The power needed to operate the pump is provided by an integrated 6.2kW single-phase diesel generator, driven by a Yanmar L100V6 engine (Stage V). The Power Jet has been designed and developed with a built-in off-road portable trolley with two massive wheels and two handles that, thanks to the lightweight of the machine, makes the Power Jet repositionable by a single operator.


Disinfecting equipment from Savic Engineering

Another novelty, which PDi Magazine mentioned in our dust control and disinfection special in issue #3, is Savic Engineering’s equipment in use by the government of Spain. The Spanish government asked Belgium based Savic Engineering to use its industrial dust suppression and disinfecting equipment to help combat Covid-19. A few days were spent testing the machines on site, approving their use before being put to work. The equipment was deployed on a large scale to thoroughly disinfect spaces destined for the care of Spanish coronavirus patients, with public areas receiving a similar treatment. Savic Engineering’s Spanish dealer cooperated closely with the local authorities and the army.

“Our ‘Spraystream’ machines can generate droplets of water mixed with disinfectant in a highly controlled fashion,” says CEO Mirko Savic. “We then use a turbine system to spray this mixture onto surfaces and through the air. The machines are controlled remotely and are suitable for fully autonomous, vehicle mounted operation. This makes it possible to disinfect large areas quickly at the correct flow rate and dosage. Moreover, our system is set up in such a way that we can work very efficiently, without flooding the surroundings with water and with a minimum of workers. We have a large supply of equipment available that is perfectly suited to these tasks with only a few modifications, either indoors or out.”


Inmalo adding MB Spray Cannons

Inmalo are constantly adapting to market needs, as UK attachments and Dust Suppression specialists they have recently widened their offering for dust suppression units by adding MB Spray Cannons to their portfolio.

“We now have a combination of the best and most reliable dust suppression systems on the market which provide choice and flexibility when it comes to throw, ease of use and optional extras. With exclusive distribution in the UK for the Motofog and MB Spray Cannon brands, Inmalo have the most comprehensive range available in the UK today.

MB Dust Control has a solution to suit the environment you work in, whether inside or outside. With the largest choice of Spray Cannons in the world for disinfection and suppressing dust / odour our range extends from SC5 (5m) up to the SC150 (150m)”, says Charles Polak from Inmalo.

Alongside the MB Cannons the MOTOFOG range of dust control units are going from strength to strength. They are now a common sight on many demolition projects due to the flexibility and manoeuvrability they bring. 

Charles Polak says that “The Motofog is still our No. 1 best-seller, our customers appreciate the simplicity of using them, especially without the need for a generator or mains water if you have a tank available.

After having rented Motofog units over the past few years John F Hunt Group Ltd decided to purchase them added 6 Motofogs to their line-up.

We asked Chairman John Hall why he made the investment: “We chose The Motofog units as they provided the most flexible solution for our demolition sites where dust suppression was absolutely essential. A deciding factor was the Motofogs being simple to run and easy to maneuverer on site. Their ability to run off the mains or a tank was also a serious consideration to the site teams. We initially invested in 6 units (2 - MF20D and 4- MF40D) for sites in Kensington, Croydon and on our HS2 project in Euston, where they are not only suppressing the dust, but keeping our clients and stakeholders 100% happy.”

As well as fully supporting sales and servicing, Inmalo also provide a wide range of units within their hire fleet.

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