Surface preparation leads the trend in diamond tools

Published 27/12, 2018 at 10:50

Surface preparation techniques are getting increasingly popular all over the world. Responding to the trend, suppliers of diamond consumables are busy beefing up their catalogues with new grinding discs and polishing pads. However, the recent tendencies notwithstanding, there are still some novelties in the more established sectors including diamond blades and core bits. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

pain based Solga Diamant is one telling example of an established diamond tool manufacturer shifting its focus towards surface preparation in response to market trends. Demand for epoxy floors and polished surfaces is reported to be growing worldwide, and the Spanish company with a fifty year track record in the business, is aiming to meet demand with its new range of grinding and polishing tools. In the polishing sector, for example, Solga offers an ample choice of different grains in metal alloys, including grains over 200mesh, with the alloys being easily identified using a five colour code, which defines various polishing applications. The system is applicable to a wide variety of floors including silica containing surfaces, as well as those with zero abrasion. Solga adapts its surface preparation consumables to the machines currently existing in the market on the basis of machine's weight, speed of rotation and the customer’s specifications on the finishing quality. On client’s request, the Spanish manufacturer can customise a product’s bond to suit specific job requirements.


ATDB: the one stop surface preparation expert 

Based in Brittany, France, Au Tour Du Beton is a family owned manufacturer that develops and supplies surface preparation hardware and diamond consumables to specialist contractors. The latest additions to ATDB’s tool portfolio are soft metal pads measuring 230mm and 270mm in diameter.  Designed for planetary grinders, the pads are available in three grit sizes: 30, 60 and 150. Cup grinding wheels and diamond/PCD wings for high speed grinding being the French company’s other specialty. Its latest pride and joy in this field is an Ø125mm grinding wheel with ¼ cylinder PCD split segments for efficient removal of paints, glues and hard thick resins. More aggressive than diamond tipped consumables, they leave fewer scratches than conventional PCD tools. ATDB makes grinding wheels on demand at its factory in Dinan, where it also keeps a large stock of conventional PCD tools - square, round, half round PCDs - with different grinding depths for customers to choose from. Retipping services on used PCD wings, plates or rings are also available.


Dymatec updates its bestselling tracksaw blade 

This summer, UK based Dymatec launched an improved version of its bestselling P20 diamond tracksaw blade, the P20W. Retaining the same high cutting speed, the brand new P20W lasts significantly longer than its predecessor. Jeremy Newton, Dymatec’s managing director, said of the new blade: “The P20W is an exciting new addition to our range of high quality diamond drilling and cutting consumables. The P20 has held the title of the bestselling tracksaw blade in the UK in recent years, and we are delighted to now offer an improved version of it. Blades are one of our most popular lines and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the performance of our products. With the P20W, we made sure it continues to be the fastest cutting blade on the market, and our design changes mean it now lasts longer. Moreover, the P20W is available at the same price as the P20, and we expect this product to be in high demand.” The P20W is available in a range of diameters of up to 2,200mm. 


Versatile ‘Tiger Tooth’ blade from MK Diamond 

US based MK Diamond Products features the multipurpose Tiger Tooth diamond blade. The blade has been designed to cut a wide variety of industrial materials ranging from wood, PVC/polyethylene pipe, concrete and masonry, to metals and ductile iron. The Tiger Tooth vacuum braze technology adheres diamond particles straight to the segment’s surface, ensuring that 100% of the diamonds are used during operation. There are no bonds to wear away, enabling the diamond to work at its peak performance in every material being cut. The Tiger Tooth can be used on most standard hand held grinders, electric circular saws and gas powered cut off saws, and is available in sizes ranging from 101mm to 355mm diameters. “The Tiger Tooth Blade provides superior performance and versatility. It cuts virtually everything on site, from dry wall to corrugated roofing. It was designed to last 40 times longer than traditional abrasive blades. The man made industrial diamonds are vacuumed brazed directly onto the heat treated steel core, so you don’t need an abrasive factor to wear away the metallurgical matrix,” states Brian Delahaut, vice president of MK Diamond Products. 


Diamond Vantage launches premium Zenesis core bit

Based in Irvine, California, Diamond Vantage is a nationwide supplier of concrete sawing, drilling and surface preparation solutions that has been operating in the US market since 2003. A part of EHWA Diamond’s global family, the company manufactures and distributes Zenesis diamond tools to the North American construction industry. One of its latest innovations is the Zenesis patterned core bit for wet drilling applications. The V notched segment design of the new core drill helps increase drilling speed and simplify initial hole coring. A laser welded patterned diamond array allows for consistent speed and long life in rugged applications. The 10mm segment height, along with a dense pattern of high grade diamond particles, ensure efficient drilling in heavily reinforced concretes. 

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