Tana celebrates 50 years

Published 10/5 at 11:36

Tana’s first 50 years have been marked by innovativeness and a pioneering spirit, with the Finnish company having developed product solutions and operating methods, with Matti Sinkkonen, founder of the original company Kone-Jyrä Oy, being a technical innovator and inventor.

He understood from the outset that the Finnish domestic market was too small to support the efficient large scale production of landfill compactors, resulting in Tana being internationally focused since 1971. Production has long been outsourced to subcontractors, which has enabled the company to focus more time and energy on its customers and their needs enabling the company to be a pioneer in digital solutions, a field in which the company still thrives. The development of machinery and digital solutions continues, with Tana aiming to provide even closer support focusing on improving solutions for preventative maintenance.  New partners will enable Tana to expand both its product range and sales network, as well as further develop its operations, with the open minded and innovative tradition that Tana has maintained for 50 years set to continue in the future.

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