Taylor & Braithwaite sell the first Hyundai HX900 L in Europe to Able UK

Published 28/6, 2019 at 12:32

HCEE (Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe) distributor, Taylor & Braithwaite, located in Cumbria UK, has sold the very first HX900 L crawler excavator in Europe to Able UK. The company, headquartered in Middlesbrough, operates across a number of challenging industrial and business sectors, and is a specialist in complex demolition and decommissioning processes.

The new 90t HX900 L is working at Able Seaton Port (ASP), located on the north east coast where the machine is shearing metal to size, which will then become suitable for recycling. The HX900 L is equipped with a 10t Fortress Shear to tackle tough demolition tasks, and was also supplied with a 4.85 m³ bucket for excavation use. Taylor & Braithwaite sales manager, Chris Jordan, said, “The company were looking for a machine to speed up the process of metal recycling as their workload had significantly increased. They needed an excavator which was capable of working in tough environments and could cope with heavy duty tasks.”

The discussions began with Chris talking with Able’s plant manager, Philip Mangan, regarding the company’s requirements, and explaining which models Hyundai could offer which would be suitable. 

Able UK were already familiar with the Hyundai brand as in 2016 the company purchased a 43t R430LC-9A  model. Philip Mangan, commented, “We are more than satisfied with our 90t machine and we definitely look forward to continue the collaboration. The HX900L is performing well – we could not ask for more.”

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