The 2024 World Champion in concrete drilling and sawing comes from Lithuania

Published 4/3 at 11:55

On 22 February 24, two dozen participants from 13 nations competed against each other for the title of World Champion in concrete drilling and sawing at the Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition Finals held in Hall, Tyrol. The well-deserved victory and World Champion title in the fifth edition of the competition went to Arnoldas Grigonis from Lithuania. Below is a quick summary of the event, but in PDi 2-2024 a full report will be published including a lot of information about new Tyrolit products released at the event.

For the fifth time, on the night of 22 February 2024, the grand final of the Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition was held. This saw the world’s best professional concrete cutters competing against each other. The contest was launched in 2008 for Tyrolit customers with the aim of bringing a sporting competition to the world of concrete cutting and sawing. 24 participants from 13 nations had qualified for the final in the previous seven local competitions. Together with around 500 spectators from all over the world, they transformed the Salzlager event location in Hall in Tyrol into an adrenaline filled venue. 


World Champion crowned for the first time

At 7pm local time, the finalists kicked off the competition with ring sawing. The fastest 18 participants advanced to the next round, where they demonstrated their skills in wall sawing. In the last and decisive round, only the ‘best of the best’ competed in core drilling. While the Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition (CPC) was held as a European championship in previous years, this year the World Champion was crowned for the very first time. 

The well-deserved title went to Arnoldas Grigonis from Lithuania, who won a brand new Tyrolit wall saw system for his company as well as prize money for himself. He was followed by Gaetano Casale from Switzerland and Arnold Ortner from Austria, who also went home with concrete cutting and drilling equipment for their companies and prize money amounting to several thousands of euros.


The Tyrolit Group

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