The annual meeting is back

Published 27/12, 2021 at 11:35

On 11March 2022, Deutscher Abbruchverband e. V. – DA (German Demolition Association) is organising the Fachtagung Abbruch 2022 at the Station-Berlin, Luckenwalder Strasse, Berlin. This industrial monument, an old post office, is particularly suited to the demolition industry.

After last being held in 2020 with over 1,100 participants and 127 exhibitors attending the annual meeting of European players in demolition and dismantling, and the inevitable pause this year, the expectations and interest in the 2022 event are high.  The lecture programme will be led by Dr. Hajo Schumacher, a well-known journalist and publicist, who will give the keynote speech on the topic, ‘Demolition, change, awakening - where is the new German government heading?’ This will be a pointed analysis six months after the German parliament elections, which is of interest not only to German residents.  

Following on from the keynote address, there will be 12 further lectures on current and interesting topics focused around demolition. In the lectures, established experts will provide a great deal of practice oriented information on interesting construction site reports as well as on the handling of pollutants, recycled construction materials and legal requirements. 

This year, among other things, subjects covered include, ‘Pilot project Campus Essen, Essen’s highest demolition site aims for platinum status’, as well as on ‘Problem areas in recycled material specifications for building products’. Other interesting lectures include ‘The safe disposal of asbestos containing grinding and milling materials: a real or a contrived problem?’; ‘Selected best practices of controlled blasting of buildings’; “Deconstruction of the Coca Cola building in Bremen – industrial area in the change of time since 1878’, and ‘Complex use of different demolition methods for 250,000t of reinforced concrete,’ as well as many others. As the number of international visitors continues to grow, simultaneous translation into English will be offered. 


Accompanying professional exhibition 

By the end of November, the professional exhibition, with its wide range of products, had already attracted over 70 exhibitors with over 750m2 of stand space being allocated. The current list of exhibitors can be viewed on the event website and registration as an exhibitor is still possible until 3 January 2022. As with the events held previously, a dialogue evening will also take place at the same location, with the exhibition remaining open during the evening. This will improve interaction opportunities for both sides - participants and exhibitors - and provides a variety of networking opportunities. 


Sponsorship, programme and registration

The fact that the Fachtagung Abbruch is such a well-established event is shown by the participation of sponsors who have already signed up. The DA would like to thank its supporters for this. On the event website, it is possible to view the programme of Fachtagung Abbruch. This will be completed by around the middle of December and the website provides further information and details about the event.  There interested parties can exclusively register online from around the middle of December.

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