The digital future of construction

Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:05

Epiroc, as a leading productivity partner for the mining and construction industries, is increasingly providing customers with ground breaking solutions within automation, connectivity and digitalisation. As development picks up speed, Epiroc aims to keep its customers at the technical forefront and accelerate the digital transformation in all fields of their operations.

“Automation, digitalisation and electrification are transforming mining into a much safer, more sustainable and profitable business. The construction industry, all the way from tunnelling and infrastructure to demolition and recycling, is moving in the same direction and we want to make sure our customers have access to the right solutions that truly meet their current and future needs,” says Helena Hedblom, president and CEO of Epiroc. 


Automation functions

Big infrastructure and civil engineering projects are complex, with endless moving parts to consider. When compared to mining, the timeframes are usually much more compact. Still, a clever use of data and autonomous functions, smoothly integrated to existing operations, can optimise production without compromising productivity.  Epiroc drill rigs, for example, through delivering a precise amount of power for each phase of the drilling operation, all based on continuous data, sees fuel consumption optimised without compromising productivity. Additionally, the optional hole navigation system (HNS), that uses positioning data and provides high levels of accuracy in basically all aspects of the drilling process, helps cut drill and blast costs considerably. For tunnelling projects, the ‘Dynamic Tunneling Package’ has a similar impact. By using the existing 3D CAD model of the project, the drill rig can create its own drill plan directly on the face of the tunnel. This enables a more flexible work process that saves time and delivers a very accurate end result.

Connectivity and data analysis 

Making data and new technology accessible and above all easy to use in the daily operation is key. ‘HATCON’, a remote monitoring device for hydraulic attachment tools, provides an overview of the entire fleet as well as status of individual tools via ‘My Epiroc’, an easy to use application available on any device. Service reminders minimise unplanned stops with ordering and delivery of parts being integrated. The effects on efficiency and profitability are substantial. Epiroc’s telematic solution for gathering and processing data from surface drill rigs, ‘Certiq’, gives customers a deeper look under the skin of their equipment. Position (GPS coordinates), equipment utilisation and performance, fuel consumption and machine health are all accessible via a web browser, providing a perfect solution for fleet management in order to monitor vital operational KPIs and plan service activities.


The ‘World of Epiroc’ online

Through Epiroc’s interactive virtual experience, World of Epiroc, customers can learn more about the company’s ground breaking solutions. Accessible via it lets the user easily access product and service information, videos and customer case stories. “With the new online feature World of Epiroc, we give our customers a virtual experience that showcases many of these solutions,” concludes Helena Hedblom.

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