The ‘disinfection tunnel’ providing protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi

Published 29/6 at 16:54

The Italian company EmiControls has been working worldwide since 2011 on developing innovative solutions to protect people and businesses against fire, dust and odours, with its water mist turbines being used for this purpose also being usable for spraying disinfectants.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, EmiControls has developed various disinfecting solutions and services, with its own specialist disinfection team, which travels throughout the north of Italy cleaning production facilities, warehouses, offices and so forth.  

The latest development in the EmiControls range is the ‘disinfection tunnel’. This is a kind of open air shower that allows people (but also goods and objects) to disinfect themselves from head to toe. With the help of nozzles, the disinfectant is atomised to a fine water mist, which is applied to all surfaces such as clothes, shoes, hands and bags. After passing through the tunnel, people and the objects they have brought with them are disinfected and no longer pose a danger to others. The possible uses of such a tunnel are diverse and include public places, entrances to hospitals, workplaces, trade fairs, events, hotels and spas.

For disinfection, a new and highly innovative agent is used, which removes viruses, bacteria and fungi quickly and easily and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. It reliably kills viruses, bacteria and fungi within a very short time and its affects last for at least 18h and has also been tested on the Coronavirus. EmiControls uses turbines to apply the disinfectant to large indoor and outdoor areas. The model V12so is equipped with a dosing pump, so the disinfectant can be mixed correctly. The range is 30m or 50m (it runs on two speed levels) and consumes only 4l/min and with 60 dB (A) the turbine is particularly quiet.

The company also provides custom made solutions for fighting fires, dust and odours with the help of water mist. Its expertise and know how in the fields of mechanical engineering, in the field of water atomisation in particular, has enabled the company to achieve unprecedented results across a wide variety of areas. Safety when firefighting can be greatly increased thanks to water mist's ability to deprive fires of energy and to substantially increase the cooling effect. When used for dust control, the fine drops of water immediately attach to the dust particles and bring them to the ground thereby helping to keep the air free from pollution. Odour control solutions are already being successfully used in composting and recycling plants creating a more pleasant environment for employees.

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