The effects of the recession will be delayed for concrete cutters but we will manage it

Published 2/7, 2020 at 14:52

It's been a few months since Covid-19 started playing havoc with our lives. It has literally turned everything upside down, causing us to endure limitations in our personal dealings with one another as well as changes to our business lives.

Perhaps in Europe we have already passed the worst phase of the pandemic with the total lock-down being eased and things are starting to look up again. After all, we can travel again, at least within Europe, restaurants and hotels have reopened and holidays are already possible again, albeit with restrictions. But the first economic figures have already shown that the economy is facing a severe recession. 


I'm telling you this is because we have so far hardly felt the effects of the pandemic and the associated recession in construction and/or concrete drilling and sawing. It is true that mouth and nose protection must be worn on construction sites and disinfectants used, with appointments and meetings being held mostly outdoors. But I can tell you that our working world has hardly changed compared to the time before Covid-19. We work almost the same number of hours, process the same incoming orders by telephone and offers are made. Effectively, everything is almost like it was before the pandemic. That however is the most positive thing to say about the situation. 


There are already the first signs that this recession will hit us with a time delay as we are experiencing fewer requests from within the industry. The motor that drives the entire economy has stuttered considerably and we do not know when projects that were planned will be carried out, if at all. From experience, I would say that this recession will hit us with about a year’s delay. But what does that mean for us? This means that we have to use the time to prepare ourselves for it. And do you know what? Because we are the hottest branch (of the industry) I know we will manage it!


Stay healthy,
Michael Findeis
President of IACDS
(International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers)

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