The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, welcomes Derc Salotech as a new member

Published 10/5, 2021 at 11:17

Providing the best solutions, products and nozzles for high pressure water jetting is the core business of Derc Salotech.

The company services thousands of customers and organisations in more than 40 countries, being committed to providing the best solutions and services to its customers. As an OEM company, it develops and launches new products and innovations that contribute to a safer and more cost effective ways of water jetting for the industrial cleaning industry. The company further believes clients’ satisfaction is the key to success and therefore invests in operational excellence, good relationships and guarantee excellent added value to clients’ process. The team – backed by the organisation and mother company, Derc Waterjetting - is fully committed to providing customers with state of the art knowledge, solutions and services that define and improve their operational success.

Derc Salotech offers total solutions, systems and all necessary accessories for high pressure water jetting. With a large number of UHP products in stock from leading international manufacturers and with innovative product designs and tailor made solutions from its own R&D department, Derc Salotech operates as the international front office of Derc Waterjetting. DERC Salotech operates from two locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

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