the latest in dust suppression

Published 27/12, 2019 at 17:57

Dust suppression is one way to combat the hazard of dust spreading in a workplace. Here we take a look at some of this year’s latest developments.

In inner city areas, the populace needs to be protected as much as possible from dust and noise emissions during demolition and construction works. To this end, EmiControls has introduced the V12 dust controller, an efficient solution for both problems. Perfectly illustrating its attributes and benefits has been a development project in Bolzano in northern Italy, where an entire district is being redeveloped. As the area is located directly next to the old town centre and the main square, the work needs to be carried out with as little dust and noise as possible. The construction company responsible for the work used a V7 and the new V12 from EmiControls as part of the demolition operation. The dust controllers proved especially beneficial in  the hot summer months, keeping dust to a minimum, leading to no complaints from local residents.

The V12 is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60dB within a radius of 20m. The turbine operates at two speed levels, giving it flexibility to expand fine water mist from 25m to over 65m. Thanks to the valve technology, the amount of water can be regulated via remote control on three levels which enables the user to design the spray pattern flexibly and adapt it to the respective requirements. The water flow rate is 16-100 l/min, energy consumption is also very low, without sacrificing performance or throwing distance, which is mainly due to the aerodynamic position of the turbine blades. The machine itself and the individual components have a long lifespan and due to its small size, the V12 can be easily transported and positioned.



WLP’s dust suppression system Demolitor 70 has a dry total weight of 600kg, installed power of 11kW, a 2.2/4kW pump, an IP55 protection rating and a power supply of 3P+T 32A 400V. It also features a 360° rotation, an elevation of -10° / +40° and a minimum pressure of 0.5bar. The Demolitor 70 is 2,100mm in height, 2,400mm in length and 1,700 mm wide.


New compact model from Generac Mobile

Generac Mobile has recently introduced a new compact model of ‘Dust Fighter’, the DF 4500. This new model is part of the range which fits between its existing ‘mini’ and ‘midi’ segments. The mini models are suitable for use on small sites, whereas the midi models are suitable for construction sites, quarries and other medium sized work areas (the company’s ‘large’ models are designed for use at large mining plants and quarries).

The DF 4500 is compact so that it can be positioned anywhere and operated by a single operator and at the same time is able to produce a sufficient flow of nebulized water to cover considerable distances. The reach of the DF 4500 is more than 30m and thanks to the rotation system, manual or automatic, can cover an area of 2,600m2. It is also equipped with a manual or electric tilting system to better direct the flow of nebulized water and also comes with a slow speed trailer, an integrated control panel and optional remote control.


The Naltec water fog system 

B + W Gesellschaft für Innovative Produkte located in Bottrop, Germany, offers efficient dust and odour solutions. B + W claim to be the market leader with its Naltec water fog system and has added to the range with spray cannons for distances of up to 200m. The Naltec ‘Spray Cannons’, described as a true power package by the company, generates super fine floating water droplets at very low energy consumption (working pressure 10bar). The fine nebulization makes it possible to economize water consumption which leads to a decrease in energy and operating costs. Its design results in low maintenance, with its mobile and stationary structure being adaptable to local conditions.

The spray cannons’ are designed to use powerful fans to create fine water mist that is blown over a long distance. By tilting to 350o, all round fogging and wetting of a large area is possible. Depending on requirements, different options that allow various throwing distances and the amount of water sprayed are available. In windless conditions, throw distances of 15m to 200m can be realized.  High manufacturing standards and design makes the cannons both robust and powerful, with the basic equipment featuring a fan with a diffuser, nozzle ring in stainless steel, frame with rotary actuator, pump with filter and a controller with dry run protection. Other accessories include a three wheel undercarriage, remote control, trailer, water tank and power generator, all which enables flexible work in any location.


Tera 60 GTM, an ‘all in one’ solution 

Dehaco’s Tera 60 GTM is described as the ‘all in one solution for dust control’. It is not dependent on an independent water or electricity supply, with the unit being equipped with a built in generator and water tank, although it can be connected to an independent water supply in the field. It is an extension to the existing Tera series, being the result of a symbiosis, developed and designed in house, in cooperation with existing users of the Tera series. This has led to the range of possible applications that can be handled being broadened. These include preventing asbestos being released from burning buildings, dust from spreading at recycling centres and controlling odour nuisance at waste treatment sites. This is due to the unit being designed for preventing dust emissions during demolition, renovation and recycling operations.

What distinguishes the Tera 60 GTM is the technology used to disperse the outgoing water flow to which the dust particles stick. Conventional nozzles require maintenance, as they clog up with lime and dust particles from water. This is not an issue for the Tera series owing to the usage of the revolutionary ‘Demto-Rotor’ which has been specifically designed for the Tera series, directly fitting  the cone. The rotating spray head is designed with openings that distribute the water evenly when operating, with the openings being designed in such a way that lime and dust particles do not clog up. Furthermore, the unit is able to adjust droplet sizes with the single push of a button.

The galvanised steel frame of the Tera 60 GTM carries an integrated water tank, located on the underside of the unit and is equipped with baffle plates, ensuring balance when being moved, enhancing the road holding of the towing vehicle. In addition, the top cover of the machine can be disassembled and is therefore accessible at all times. The Tera 60 GTM is also available without agricultural undercarriage, drawbar and support legs named the Tera 60 GTX.


Trident dust controller from Buffalo Turbine

Buffalo Turbine’s Trident dust controller has three separate turbines all powered by the same Kohler diesel engine, being capable of three times the coverage area of its single turbine dust controllers. The control unit is self-contained, meaning no generator, less maintenance costs and less equipment to find spaces for. Each turbine uses gyratory atomizing nozzles which do not clog the way other nozzle tips might do. The Trident can be equipped with one to three oscillation kits for more coverage area.

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