The Lehnhoff SQ 60 quick coupler in operation

Published 24/4 at 09:34

Sometimes it is only small details that have a big effect. Like the symmetrical SQ 60 quick coupler from Lehnhoff, for example, which allows you to think about work processes in a completely new and, above all, more effective way.

Wherever Gebrüder Reindl GmbH & Co KG works, something heavy is moved. For the experts in transport and earthworks from Stams, Austria, everything revolves around excavation, contract crushing earthmoving and transport. They use various excavators, wheel loaders, trucks and screening machines. For the excavators in the 8t to 18t class, the company has now invested in the symmetrical SQ 60 quick coupler from Lehnhoff.


Equipment carrier

Modern excavators are being used more and more as equipment carriers. In order for them to develop their full effectiveness and effortlessly use the appropriate attachments a reliable quick coupler system is required. Therefore, the Reindl company has opted for the symmetrical SQ 60 quick coupler from Lehnhoff. “It was important to us that our excavators could be used in as many different ways as possible,” explains René Reindl, junior managing director. “With the SQ 60, we can get the maximum out of our excavators.” Thanks to the symmetrical design, for example, the equipment and buckets used can easily be picked up and rotated 180°.

Another important detail of the Lehnhoff SQ 60 is the power feed through. Since Reindl's excavators are equipped with 3D control, the necessary power feed through can be used for GPS control of the attachment.


New application options

Especially for complex tasks with different requirements, such as canal construction with backfilling, productivity can be increased enormously by using the right attachments. “In the past, it was not profitable to take the attachment compactor with you for small compaction jobs, for example. It would have taken far too long to attach it to the excavator, it wouldn't have paid off,” states René Reindl. “Now we don't have to think twice and can use all the attachments we need. Eventually, the driver can change at any time without further ado from the cabin.”

The new Lehnhoff SQ quick couplers are designed to offer new levels of productivity in demolition. If it is necessary to change between demolition grabs or shears, magnets and grabs for demolition and sorting, this no longer represents a real effort. The driver can use the entire arsenal of tools without having to take breaks to change tools. The Lehnhoff SQ 60 is designed according to the international S standard. But the special feature of the Lehnhoff quick coupler system is the valve block, which is also symmetrically arranged. This means that even fully hydraulic attachments can be rotated by 180°. Tilting and crusher buckets, for example, can easily be used as backhoe buckets.


Maintenance friendly

In addition to the newly gained freedom in the use of attachments, the SQ 60 is characterised above all by its ease maintenance. The built in leak free short stroke valves are designed to be replaced on site within five minutes, if necessary, using the valve tool provided. This saves long maintenance times, and the excavators are quick to return to service. “We always have three valve sets in stock in case a valve needs to be changed quickly. We can now use them for up to ten of our excavators, so we don't have to worry about any downtime with the Lehnhoff SQ 60,” concludes René Reindl.

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