The new Allu ‘Variable Drum’

Published 6/3 at 10:54

Allu has announced the introduction of the new Allu D Series ‘Variable Drum’. This enables users to quickly replace fixed ‘TS’ blades with there being no need to open the chain box when blades are replaced.

This variable drum setup means an individual drum or blades can be changed quicker, thus saving time and money. Allu’s patented TS (top screen) construction and screening blades are designed to make it possible to screen materials even when they are wet or moist without fear of the structure getting clogged. With the TS structure, it is also possible to get three different fragment sizes from the same Allu unit by rearranging the screening combs with no additional costs.

The Allu ‘Transformer’ attachments D series are designed to be versatile and reliable tools for industries enabling efficient screening and crushing of materials, being designed for larger processing jobs. This includes aerating compost, primary on-site screening and processing construction material. It is a bucket which screens, crushes, pulverises, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials. As the name suggest, it has been developed to transform the materials worked with and be more productive and more profitable.

Allu states that it has been consistently one step ahead, leading the industry for over 35years, with truly mobile, compact screening buckets, which are the perfect attachment for compact base machines to screen and transform materials. There are many applications for Allu Transformer attachments; those interested are invited to contact the company which will help select the right tool for specific needs. The company states that with Allu, users are always in control when transforming waste into profits.

The new Allu VD Drum is currently available for DN 3-12 TS and DN 3-17 TS models.

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