The new diamond disc saw TS40 LH from Weka designed for left handers

Published 6/3 at 11:32

The diamond cutting saw TS40, which has been established on the market for many years, is designed for versatile and tough use on a wide variety of materials. The existing design of the cutting saw has now been adapted in such a way to create a saw for left handers, namely the TS40 LH.

Hand saws for left handers are niche products, as the manufacturers often do not react to the existing need due to the lower demand. The advantages these provide for the user include improved handling, safety and possible uses include that the modified arrangement of the motor and blade guard for optimal handling for left handers and thus offers more stability when guiding the saw with less fatigue at the same time. The left hand arrangement of the blade guard results in new and improved application options as left sided cuts, e.g. on door or window reveals, can now be optimally executed, especially in combination with the new Weka flush blade guard for cuts close to walls. Especially for such applications, the TS40 LH is a real alternative for right handers also.

The TS40 LH is driven and controlled using the water cooled FU6D frequency converter. As a universal drive unit, the FU6D can power all saws in the ‘Anna’ and 'Emma’ series, as well as the high frequency drills HD16 and HD18. The TS40 LH is a useful expansion of the Weka high frequency series and is designed to offer both left and right handers more safety and new application options.

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