The new Dynaset HPW 160 ideal for dust control

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:21

Dynaset’s HPW hydraulic high pressure water pump range has a new pump model, HPW 160.

This is specially designed to power up HPW dust applications, with ‘HPW Dust’ being a product family for dust control in the demolition and mining industries. The new pump can be also used for power washing applications.

The most obvious thing that differs from other HPW pump models is the power output. The new pump produces 160bar pressure and a flow of 18l/min. Another major difference to other pumps is a brand new piston model which has made the new release extremely compact as its structure has been simplified. The new pump is the smallest member of the HPW line up in dimensions with a height of only 110mm, width of 210mm and a length of 100mm. Even though the dimensions are highly compact, the output power of 4.8kW still exceeds most the electric power washers.

The new HPW 160 is especially designed for dust control applications. It can be used, for example, for street sweeper dust control and for dust suppression on small pulverisers and drilling rigs.   It is available in three different versions as with the existing pump models. The first is a basic model without any additional valves. The second has a water unloader valve which makes power washing application possible with the pump. The third model is the VR-PA model which has a special valve that ensures that the hydraulic oil flow won’t exceed the set value.

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