The right tool for the job

Published 6/3, 2023 at 10:08

Three new special application machines have been developed by Hitachi to maximise efficiency, uptime and safety on heavy duty and demolition projects. The ZX390TC-7 tool carrier model has been specially adapted to work with larger working tools, and can be used for secondary demolition works.

The two multi carrier models – ZX400MC-7 and ZX600MC-7 – are supplied with up to four front equipment options and are built to meet the requirements of demolition projects. They can complete the tasks of several machines on site, which simplifies planning, and minimises transport and personnel costs. They are also designed to improve performance and safety for operators.

Based on standard Hitachi ‘Zaxis-7’ models, with Zaxis-7 technology and Stage V compliant engines, they were developed with Kenki Technology Group GmbH (Kteg). “The launch of these models shows how Hitachi is addressing the specific requirements of certain industries,” says Burkhard Janssen, European Department Head Special Applications and New Technologies at Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV.  “We are constantly listening to the needs of our customers, particularly regarding improvements to productivity and efficiency on site.”

Thanks to a larger boom and bucket cylinders, and a one class higher reinforced linkage, the ZX390TC-7 can carry 5t of working tools, such as hydraulic shears for crushing that would normally be used by larger machines. It is equipped with a full hydraulic control system, suitable for use with all working tools, which can be changed within seconds from the operator’s seat. For added stability, the ZX390TC-7 has a robust 25cm longer undercarriage than the standard ZX350LC-7, and is supplied with an additional 1.4t counterweight. To ensure the safety of operators, the machine has side impact protection and a demolition spec. cab with FOPS guard level 2, front window protection and high spec. P5A safety glass. Safety is also enhanced by what Hitachi says is the exceptional visibility from the cab, particularly from the 270O bird’s eye view provided by the ‘Aerial Angle’ camera system.


Enhancing efficiency on every demolition site

Sharing some of the features of the ZX390TC-7, the larger ZX400MC-7 and ZX600MC-7 multi carrier models have been designed to meet the requirements on all types of demolition projects. They are each supplied with up to four front equipment options, including a mono boom and two piece boom. The ZX400MC-7 can be equipped with a high reach demolition front of 21m or 24m, while the ZX600MC-7 can be equipped with a high reach demolition front of 26m or 30m, and a telescopic boom enabling a high reach of 34m. They have been developed to boost profits for owners by enhancing efficiency on every project. Like the ZX390TC-7, they are equipped with a full hydraulic control system, suitable for use with all hydraulic attachments.

Both the boom and the working tool can be changed quickly and conveniently from the operator’s seat thanks to Hitachi’s ‘Boom Quick Connect’ and ‘Tool Quick Connect’ technology. This unique and award winning feature allows the front equipment to be changed within two minutes by one person (instead of 90 minutes and two people using a conventional type of boom change system), saving time on the job site. Having the flexibility to choose between booms enables operators to work with the optimum attachment for the job, ensuring a better performance. The triple boom raise cylinders, extendable undercarriage for 360O working, and a longer track frame, also enhance the versatility of both machines.


Prioritising safety

The especially reinforced demolition cab has been designed to be equipped with features to keep operators safe while carrying out demolition work in challenging environments. The FOPS level 2 and front window protection, plus P5A glass, for example, are designed to help protect the operator from falling debris. The operator has excellent visibility thanks to the tilting cab on the ‘MC-type’ machines (tilting the cab to an angle of 30O degrees). Camera systems show multiple views from the cab, including of the attachment, side and rear of the machine, and a 270O view of the surrounding environment.

Safe working and stability are said by Hitachi to be ensured by the load moment indicator and alarm system, with the machines being also equipped with an extendable undercarriage and additional counterweight. “We are delighted to introduce this new model to the European market,” says Burkhard Janssen. “We believe they will help to save our customers time and money, and significantly improve machine performance and safety for operators.”

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