The Swedish Demolition Awards

Published 6/11, 2012

The first ever Swedish Demolition Awards were presented in conjunction with the demolition show DEMCON held in Stockholm in early September.

The awards were divided into 10 different categories and were initiated by the Swedish magazine Professionell Demolering, sister publication to Professional Demolition International. The awards are given in co-operation with the Swedish Construction Federation and the Swedish associations for Demolition, Recycling and Clearance and Concrete Sawing and Drilling.

Ten different categories
In total 10 different awards were presented in the following categories: Demolition Contractor of the Year, Concrete Sawing & Drilling Contractor of the Year, Demolition Project of the Year, Concrete Cutting Project of the Year, The Safety and Working Environment Award, The Recycling & Environmental Award, Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year, The Great Innovation Award and finally Honorary Awards. About 15 nominations where submitted to compete for the different categories. This was a good start, as Swedes normally do not like to make a fuss about their work with. Some companies where nominated for more then one award. The management of the magazine Professionell Demolering and the award jury decided the honorary awards. The award jury was chaired by editor-in-chief Jan Hermansson and included another 10 well-known personalities with many years of experience of the Swedish construction, demolition and concrete cutting industries.
“I am amazed how well this initiative was received by our industries. People really lightened up, stretched their backs and showed that they were very proud of being part of these industries,” said Swedish Construction Federation engineer Lars Sandström, who is closely involved in the Swedish associations for demolition and concrete sawing and drilling.

The winners
Over 250 guests gathered in the Scandic Hotel InfraCity ballroom for the prize giving ceremony. Master of ceremony was Jan Hermansson and the awards were presented by the Swedish Construction Federation’s president Ola Månsson and Lars Sandström. The prize giving started with the nine honorary awards. The first awards were given posthumously to three individuals who had worked in the Swedish demolition and concrete cutting industries their whole lives and who passed away recently. Bror Österman was one of the first concrete sawing and drilling contractors in Sweden and also an inventor of concrete cutting equipment. Kjell Larsson had also dedicated his life to working with concrete sawing and drilling as well as demolition and recycling and was one of the founding members of today’s associations. Mats Johansson was one of the great inventors of this industry and his products are now well known all over the world. Mats developed numerous machines, particularly for cutting and most contractors are probably familiar with the ring cutter. Representatives from their families collected the awards. Honorary awards were also presented to Owe Persson who is one of the founding fathers of the Swedish concrete sawing and drilling industry and a well-known inventor of machines and systems aiding concrete cutters. Svend M. Andersen from Andersen Contractor has been working in this industry for about 50 years. For the last 25 years he has been dedicated to supplying the Swedish demolition, recycling and scrap industries with machine and tool solutions making everyday work easier for contractors.
An honorary award was also given to the president of Husqvarna Construction Products Anders Ströby for his devotion, energy and drive to introduce innovations in the field of concrete sawing and drilling. It is unique that a person in his position has such an in-depth knowledge and interest in the technical details and functions of his company’s products. The last two honorary awards were given to two unique product developers, HTC Sweden’s founder Håkan Thysell and the founder of the Pentruder equipment Anders Johnsen. Håkan Thysell has brought a completely new working field to this industry in his method and range of machines for concrete floor grinding and polishing. Others have followed his example. In a similar way Anders Johnsen has brought a completely new way of thinking in terms of concrete sawing and drilling. His systems combine thinking, electronics and mechanics, offering contractors increased efficiency and smoother and better working situations.
The award Concrete Sawing and Drilling Contractor of the Year was given to the contractor Arnesson Betongborrning. For over 30 years Arnesson has succeeded in safeguarding its knowledge and skills and developing them and the company into a successful nationwide concrete sawing and drilling contractor. Demolition Contractor of the Year was given to the Stockholm based company Rivners, which has been in business since the 1950s. The award for Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year was given to Brokk. The company started to develop remotely controlled demolition robots in the 1970s, long before today’s advanced machines and tools for demolition. It was a groundbreaking method that would carry out demolition work far safer and more efficiently, and in some areas where it would have been impossible without this system. The manufacturer has in the past decade expanded its range of new models and applications.
Concrete Cutting Project of the Year was given to the company A-Borrning for the accuracy and professionalism they performed when carrying out one of the more extensive and complex drilling projects. Demolition Project of the Year was given to the company Betongborrargruppen – Rivning – Sanering – Håltagning. The citation indicated that the company had showed great knowledge and professionalism in a very unconventional and complex demolition project at the Stockholm Central Station, right in the middle of the capital. A variety of demolition methods were used and also to a great extent concrete sawing and drilling methods. The Recycling Award – Demolition was given to the Gothenburg based company Rivab, part of Lotus Demolition. The prize was given for the long-standing, extensive expertise and professionalism in demolition and recycling and to the careful demolition, dismantling and preservation of an historic building in Gothenburg.
Safety and Work Environment Award was given to Arnessons Balkongsågning (Balcony Demolition) for the many years of entrepreneurship, awareness and responsibility to improve working practices in a precarious working environment and with great knowledge and ingenuity. Special recognition was given to its new type of patented rig for safe balcony demolition. The Recycling and Environment Award went to Jerneviken Maskin for the introduction of the Slurrybox onto the Swedish market. The Slurrybox converts concrete slurry in to fresh water, eliminating the hazardous concrete waste and packing it in to small dry briquettes. The Great Innovation Award was given to Tarpaper Recycling for its innovation of reducing the amount of construction waste sent to landfill and using it instead as a recycled component in the production of new road materials.

Next Awards in 2014
The Swedish Demolition Awards received a lot of attention in the media in Sweden. The winners also used the awards to promote their individual company’s activities. The next Demolition Awards ceremony will be held during the next DEMCON, 4-5 September 2014.
“We couldn’t imagine that we would get such a positive response for the awards. Swedes are normally quite reserved about their achievements and activities. Many contractors also hold back information about their jobs in order to avoid competition,” says Jan Hermansson. “But I think Swedes should be proud of these industry awards. We have many fantastic inventors and many skilled contractors and the Swedish Demolition Awards are a reflection of this. I also want to direct a special thanks to the members of the jury who have done a terrific job and in a particular to Ola Månsson and Lars Sandström from the Swedish Construction Federation who have supported the awards in a very strong and devoted way.”

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