The UK Concrete Show 2018

Published 17/4, 2018 at 15:14

On the 21st and 22nd of March, the UK Concrete show was held at the NEC in Birmingham, England. The show itself is focused on the needs and requirements of any company, whatever its business, that deals with concrete. With close to 200 product categories on display, the show is seen by the organisers as the place for UK companies to see the latest developments in the industry, view new products, and interact with fellow industry professionals.

As such a specialised show, it would perhaps be a surprise to demolition professionals that there was a great deal to interest them at the UK Concrete Show. Many leading manufacturers of equipment and providers of services associated with the demolition industry, exhibited at the show, with a wide variety of new and existing solutions being shown. 


Many items of interest

There was a great deal to see at the UK Concrete show, with the Addex Group, a specialist supplier of products and machinery to the construction, refurbishment, facilities and service industries providing an interesting selection. At the show, the company presented a cross section of its products, ranging from diamond tooling to large industrial H-class vacuums.  Hycontrol warmly welcomed visitors to its stand, where representatives were keen to discuss and offer advice on level measurement and silo pressure safety.  Klindex UK, the manufacturer and designer of floor grinding and polishing machinery, surface preparation equipment, industrial vacuums and diamond tools, showed how its ranges are ideal for use on any kind of floor.  This includes marble, concrete, limestone and decorative design.

Multiquip (UK) Ltd, the subsidiary of the US based Multiquip Inc., showed examples of its comprehensive product portfolio, many of which are ideal for the requirements of the demolition industry. Thus the company showed examples of its Whiteman ride on and walk behind power trowels, Mikasa compaction plates and compaction rammers, light towers and concrete flatwork tools. The company also provided information on other interesting developments from its ranges of rammers, plate compactors, portable lighting, concrete pumping, cutting, placing and finishing equipment and dewatering pumps.

Siltbuster is one of the UK’s leading providers of solutions for on-site water treatment, wet waste processing and the prevention of waterborne pollution. The company outlined its range of rapidly deployable solutions for silt management and prevention, control and treatment of water contamination, all of which are available either for hire or purchase throughout the UK. 

SPE International is part of the Bartell family of companies comprising of four distinct brands, all of which possess a track record of innovation in the concrete and surface preparation industry. These brands work together to covering the entire construction cycle from compaction, floor removal, shot blasting, placing, finishing wet concrete, and polishing. 


Truly international show

Everdigm made the long journey from South Korea to be at the UK Concrete show. At its booth, Everdigm explained how its construction machinery division produces equipment ideal for a variety of construction and demolition applications. Everdigm’s construction machinery offering now includes concrete pumps, attachments, and generators, and is increasingly recognized as delivering solutions for urban development and infrastructure construction sites. 

German company Korodur GmbH & Co has since 1936 become known as specialists in the manufacture of mineral hard aggregate for cementitious heavy duty industrial floors. In addition, since 2012 the company holds the exclusive license from the US market leader in high performance cements, CTS Cement Manufacturing Ltd, for the production and the Europe wide distribution of Rapid Set products. 

At its stand, Korodur was thus keen to explain how CTS Cement has developed a unique and high performance solution which provides contractors with flooring which possesses 80% of structural strength in 1h, enabling traffic to use it within 1-1.5h. The company also explained that Rapid Set products are being used on major motorway and airport projects in the UK, enabling contractors to undertake work that would have not been possible using conventional materials.

The Concrete Show maintained its international focus with US company, National Flooring Equipment, highlighting its extensive range of surface preparation products and services. This included its walk behind floor scraper technology, and ride on floor scraper technology with electric, propane and battery powered models, as well as concrete floor preparation and polishing equipment. Another German company to exhibit at the Concrete Show was MBK Maschinenbau GmbH which is a specialist manufacturer of welding equipment and installations. The company states that it places a great deal of emphasis on technical innovation and high quality standards which has enabled it to develop expertise in the concrete industry.

The Wuhan Wan Bang Laser Diamond Tools Company from China is a manufacturer of high quality diamond tools, which are ideal for a wide range of applications including architecture, stone process, decoration and highway projects. Its laser welded diamond saw blades have been designed for general purpose, concrete, wall, asphalt and brick work, with its laser welded diamond core bits being ideal for wall and concrete construction. The company is proudly ISO9001: 2000 certified, with strict quality control systems, and currently exports its products to the US, Germany, UK and many other countries. 

One of the most useful and unique products exhibited at the show was by German company ZipWall. 

This is a dust barrier system, and is claimed by the manufacturer to be the only comprehensive dust barrier solution for purpose developed for the construction, demolition, remodelling, and renovation industries. The ZipWall® dust barrier can be set up in just a few minutes without ladders, tape, or damage, and is used by contractors to meet practically any dust barrier installation challenge. Thus, the solution is ideal for setting up a plastic dust barrier, creating an entry with a plastic barrier, creating a room within a room, covering a door, sealing off a hallway, or sealing a barrier without tape, to name but a few of its many applications.


New product launches

Many of the exhibitors took the opportunity presented by the UK Concrete Show to unveil new products and services to the UK. Blastrac UK introduced its new single phase dust collectors, BDC-1133, BDC-122 and BDC-133. The company also exhibited its remote controlled triple head grinder BMG-780RS MKII and burnisher BB-700E, as well as examples of a full range of techniques for grinding, shot blasting, scarifying, stripping and dust collection.

Newly acquired by Husqvarna, HTC exhibited a cross section of its grinding machines, dust extractors, tools and systems perfect for getting the most out of a concrete floor. Pride of place was given to its latest generation of floor grinders, the Duratiq 8 and 6, as well as the HTC D 60. This was recently awarded the ‘Most Innovative Product’ award at World of Concrete 2018 in Las Vegas, whilst the Superprep™ series of preparation diamond tools and the HTC Superfloor™ were also proudly displayed.

Likewise, Husqvarna Construction Products introduced its new range of dust and slurry system solutions at the Show. The range includes superior H-class vacuums equipped with H13 HEPA filters as well as premium air cleaners. These have been developed through using its expertise in concrete cutting, drilling and grinding combined with the latest technology in dust and slurry management in order to develop easy to use solutions for handling dust and slurry more efficiently. 

The new range was showcased alongside Husqvarna’s floor grinding systems suitable for preparing, grinding and polishing concrete floors. This included the PG 820RC, the largest remote controlled floor grinder for removal and polishing, as well as the PG 280, the smallest floor grinder for restoring and preparing concrete. Also on display was the Prime handheld cutting and drilling equipment. This light and powerful electric equipment range is powered by a unique power supply which converts regular AC power into a high frequency current. 

Following the Husqvarna Group’s recent acquisition of Atlas Copco’s light compaction and concrete finishing products, the company was keen to show how it will support customers through the entire concrete floor creation process with these new products.

Preptec Equipment Services is a supplier of a wide range of surface preparation related products and services, providing solutions to the concrete flooring, refurbishment and construction industries.  Preptec is also the main distributor for a number of leading machinery manufacturers and supplier of high quality consumables, spare parts, accessories and equipment repair services.  Of interest to the demolition industry at the show was Preptec’s range of premium diamond tooling products, including the Fastfit quick change system designed for use with most types of floor grinding equipment. 

The company also launched some new products at the show, including the S320 110R – a new shot blasting machine for preparing concrete surfaces. It also removes laitance and contaminants prior to the application of overlays including screed, levelling compounds and coatings. New developments in the Fastfit range of diamond tooling to provide improved grinding speed were also unveiled.

PWM (Sales) aka Sunrise tools, launched three new products at the show. Firstly, a range of universal bush hammering products for use with floor grinding machines, ideal for texturing and renovating walls, floors, walkways and roadways. Ideal for the demolition industry is its range of wall planing equipment developed for decontaminating concrete structures, with one version operating in conjunction with a Brokk machine; and finally, a unique core drilling system designed for fast set-up, minimum impact core drilling.

Ideal for the requirements of the demolition industry, Scanmaskin unveiled to the UK its World Series. This is a completely new line of high quality floor grinders, industrial vacuums and diamond tools which has a design emphasis on service, quality and reliability.  The first piece of equipment from the World Series released is the Scanmaskin 32, which is a floor grinder with a range of high quality features making it a modern and fast grinder. The floor grinder possesses a highly efficient operation which minimizes grinding hours by 10%, and features cast alloy components along with a floating shroud, which has been designed for many years of durability and dust free operation. 

Masterscreed showed examples of its automated concrete screeds, topping spreaders, concrete dumpers and fibre integration equipment, including its MS550, which possesses newly patented technology. This highly innovative low impact wheel system is easily adapted for differing working conditions, possessing quick connect couplings for rapid set up. This was shown alongside its latest development, the MS575, which is equipped with an advanced operating system – the LEVmaster Mk3 – which enables the operator to ¬use the MS575 on a variety of applications. 

Superabrasive exhibited its Lavina line of grinders, vacuums and diamond tools, as well as launching in the UK its Trowel Shine system for polishing with power trowels. The Lavina line includes a wide range of grinder models and industrial concrete dust extractors for use on projects of all sizes, large and small. The company also showcased its ShinePro diamond pads line for floor maintenance, which provides a more efficient and cost effective solution for the maintenance of concrete, stone, terrazzo and VCT floors.   


Not for everyone

The UK Concrete show is a highly specific exhibition as its name suggests. However, the brief run through shows that many of the products and services shown are ideal for many applications and that includes servicing the diverse and demanding challenges faced by demolition industry professionals.

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