Three new models added to Rotar’s RCC concrete cutter range

Published 29/6, 2020 at 17:07

Rotar has expanded its RCC concrete cutter range with three new models - RCC 20, RCC 25 and RC 45 - which join the previously released RCC 30.

The cutters are designed for machine classes of 18t-25t, 20t-30t and 38t-55t respectively. The RCC cutters have short cycle times, despite their power, and are fitted with replaceable cutting teeth, which are easy to maintain and replace. The wear resistant, casted cutting teeth offer protection to the cutting jaws whilst the RCC is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders with an integrated ‘Ramplifier’, which activates and doubles the pressure up to 700bar when the cutter faces heavy resistance (the Ramplifier technology is a Rotar in house designed development). The RCC is constructed from high grade performance steel. The large diameter of hoses, bores and pipes reduces the back pressure in the hydraulic system, whilst its long bearing pivot points support combined loads from all directions.

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