Time to learn a new drill

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:31

After a catastrophic 2020, the New Year brings fresh hope to the concrete sawing and drilling industry. A number of players PDi spoke to in the first weeks of 2021 reported signs of recovery, albeit weak. Sales are gradually improving, even international ones. One can’t say there is an avalanche of new products on the market but the situation is far from a drought either. Andrei Bushmarin has breaking news from the core drilling business.

AGP expands both dry and wet ranges

Taiwan based power tool specialist AGP has expanded its range of drill motors for dry applications with the addition of two new models. The DME51D is a 1.8kW drill motor designed primarily for electricians. Weighing in at just 4.7kg, this powerful single speed machine features soft percussion and external dust collection for coring in highly abrasive materials. Its speed is optimised for 82mm dry drilling, with a maximum possible diameter of 102mm. The external dust collector keeps fine dust away from the spindle and gear case while providing efficient dust extraction. Having considered customer feedback on the difficulty of removing core drills with conventional dust extractors, AGP has designed a model that users can open from one side to remove the core bit directly. 

Another new machine for dry coring is the 1.8kW DME52D, which comes with an external dust collector for extra fine dust. It features a two speed gearbox for up to 182mm drilling and a soft percussion function. Also new from the Taiwanese manufacturer is the DMC160 wet drilling motor with a three speed oil bath magnesium gearbox. An economy class model, it nevertheless comes with a powerful 2200W motor with electronic safety features and a LED indicator for maximum working efficiency. The machine is designed for up to 162mm wet drilling jobs, but it can also be used for dry coring of up to 182mm in diameter. Thanks to the brass quick release couplings, the conversion between the wet and dry modes is easy and tool free.


Husqvarna introduces four new drill motors

In the watershed year of 2020, Husqvarna busied itself with product development. The Swedish trendsetter designed and launched a total of four new drill motors. The smallest, DM 200, is a sturdy and versatile D-handle drill motor optimised for hand held drilling of holes from 30mm to 80mm in diameter. The machine is suitable for both wet and dry applications. The DM 200 casing is made of impact proof polyamide plastic with a ball valve coupling for wet coring, vacuum coupling for dry applications, detachable front handle, wrenches and a user manual. Operators can adapt the spindle speed and torque to any drilling diameter between 30mm and 80mm via a two speed gear selector. 

Also new from Husqvarna are the DM 400 and DM 430 drill motors. Both models feature a durable aluminium casing and a compact design, which facilitates drilling in narrow corners. “The new DM 400 / DM 430 are designed for heavy duty drilling jobs” says Håkan Pinzani, global product manager for core drilling systems at Husqvarna. The machines boast such trademark Husqvarna features as the LED load indicator, the ‘SmartStart’ (half speed) button, and a quick fastening system to the DS 500 stand. A three speed gearbox allows users to adjust RPM in the diameter range from 55mm to 350mm in the case of the DM 400, and from 100mm to 450mm for the DM 430. An air cooled heavy duty electric motor is designed to withstand high loads without overheating. To protect the motor and gearbox in case of the core bit’s jamming, the DM 400 / DM 430 are equipped with two independent systems: a mechanical friction clutch and the Husqvarna ‘Elgard’ electronic motor overload protection system. Both models feature ‘Embedded Connectivity’ - an enhanced version of Husqvarna ‘Fleet Services’ – being available as of February 2020. 

Last but not least is the DM 700 drill motor, which is Husqvarna’s newest addition to its high frequency ‘Prime range’. Weighing in at 13.6kg, the 6kW model features a permanent magnet high frequency motor which is absolutely maintenance free. One of the DM 700’s highlights is the updated motor control software, which works with two speed transmission to optimise RPM for drill bits from 80mm to 600mm in diameter. The motor is water cooled and has no air intake slots to prevent ingress of dust, moisture or dirt. 


Baier launches new dry system and cordless socket sinker

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Baier Tools has been producing high quality power tools for over 80 years. Currently the company exports its drilling and cutting solutions to more than 60 countries, with Baier considering dry coring to be its main area of expertise. The German manufacturer has recently added the new BDB8295, a rig based system with high torque and RPM that permits dry coring of up to 300mm holes in diameter to its range. This already includes the BDB825 drill motor for up to 160mm jobs, and the BDB829 with a maximum drilling diameter of 250mm. Also, as a partner of CAS (Cordless Alliance System), Baier offers the cordless socket sinker with integrated dust suction and its trademark soft impact system. 


Hilti extends ‘Cut-Assist’ technology to two new models

Lichtenstein based heavyweight Hilti keeps updating its fleet with the patented ‘Cut-Assist’ technology. Both of the manufacturer’s new drilling systems - the compact multifunctional DD 150-U and the powerful heavy-duty DD 250-CA - feature such popular ‘Cut-Assist’ functions as base material search, electric starting aid, automatic water on/off and breakthrough detection. Another highlight is the digital display through which the operator controls the auto feed units. The display shows all operational parameters in real time and stores statistics for future reference. All data can be transferred to a mobile app so users could track down and analyse the usage history of the equipment.


Cuts Inc. ingenious drilling solution helps renovate Tennessee’s water system 

In the winter of 2019, fortifications at the Kuwahee wastewater treatment plant in Knoxville Tennessee were specified. The renovation plan called for new pier openings to be cut in a 914mm concrete slab with #10 rebar reinforcements. The entire slab was filled with muddy water as ground water continued to seep into the tank from the Tennessee River located just meters away. The muddy water, nearby grouting operations, and previous contaminants made for very difficult conditions to operate conventional core drilling equipment. Cuts Inc. used a skid steer core drill attachment that had been developed for another project during previous modifications to the Tennessee Valley Authority systems’ of dams. That project required drilling multiple 457mm diameter holes by 1.524mm depth from within existing 50mm deep square holes. This also limited the use of conventional core drill equipment due to space restrictions. Both jobs were completed with ease using a custom made control panel, which automatically feeds the drill into the concrete while adjusting auto feed pressure for maximum speed.


Hycon HCD drill makes any mission possible

In late January 2020, True-Line Coring & Cutting, based in Tampa, Florida, was given a daunting task of extracting a 10m concrete sample from a fully cast reinforced concrete pile. The US contractor suggested doing it in the handheld mode, which many in the drilling business would consider as a ‘mission impossible’. But True-Line Coring & Cutting had every faith in the capabilities of the HCD drill from the Danish manufacturer Hycon, having used it successfully in the past. Two piles had to be sample tested by drilling a 50mm hole to a depth of 10m. The drilling took True-Line Coring & Cutting approximately 4.5h using continuous tubing core bits. The operator did a splendid job by drilling so accurately and precisely that no rebar were damaged on the entire length of the sample. The Hycon HCD drill, too, passed the test with flying colours. This lightweight, compact and low vibration machine is unaffected by water and dust and can be used for underwater drilling as well.   


Cuttronix CM-10 shines on drilling jobs in Moscow

Diamondtech Construction, a Moscow based specialist contractor, used a Cuttronix CM-10 core drilling system from the Estonian manufacturer Kaskod on two challenging drilling projects in Moscow. One involved drilling holes for cast in situ piles at the Kurskaya train station and the other for a building’s foundations in ‘Moscow-City’, a fast growing business district in the Russian capital. Both jobs required angle drilling of 200mm-250mm holes to a depth of 1m-1.2m. The drilling had to be done in phases to a very tight schedule. To fulfil the task, the Russian contractor opted for a powerful brushless 15kW electric Cuttronix motor. The coring of 225mm holes in 1m thick heavily reinforced concrete took between 10/20min (depending on the rebar concentration), with an average segment lifespan reaching 12m. Overall, more than 500 holes were drilled using only one rig and two operators. 


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