Trailer sizing tips for excavators from Talbert

Published 25/3, 2019 at 13:26

Selecting the right excavator isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Research is required to find the machine that fits an operation’s needs. The first step in sizing a trailer for any hauling job is determining the weight and dimensions of the load, starting with determining the length, height, width and weight of the machine. When making initial calculations, it is advised to ensure what type of tractor will handle hauling the excavator, before moving on to the trailer, as 3 axle tractor and a 4 axle tractors will have different hauling capabilities.

While knowing the overall weight of the excavator is imperative, it is also important to know where that weight is concentrated. The length of deck calculated in the capacity rating varies between manufacturers. One trailer might need the entire deck length for the 50t weight, while another handles that same weight in half the deck length. Driving an excavator over the back of the trailer is no easy feat and requires a careful and experienced driver to prevent damaging the trailer, and minimise the risk of tipping the excavator. 

It’s important to consider the quality of a trailer, not just the price tag. Working with a custom manufacturer offers the best results when it comes to safety, value and peace of mind. Also consider the construction materials, as investing in higher quality materials and components can double the life of the trailer, significantly enhancing ROI. Ensuring the right trailer for the right application is a job best left to the pros, but with these tips, operators can get a jump start on the process.

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