Twinca dumpers a shrewd investment for limited access projects

Published 3/10, 2022 at 11:01

Jason Franken at Super City Concrete Cuttings states that the purchase of the Twinca ES-800 dumper has been a shrewd investment for limited access projects.

The Twinca series, which are battery driven mini dumpers, has been developed and manufactured in Denmark but have become appreciated by Australian concrete cutters and demolition companies.

“Our Twinca dumpers are operator friendly and are easy to manoeuvre and operate. Prior to purchasing the Twinca dumper this type of work was completed with wheelbarrows and a lot of manual labour,” says Super City CEO, Jason Franken. “Manual handling tasks need to be risk assessed regularly and providing mechanical controls in place of physical labour has proven to reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace,” adds Franken. The Twinca dumper has a load capacity of 800kg providing superior productivity to manual labour.


Smart combination of Brokk and Twinca

One contracted project that Franken shows as an example required the removal of 8m3 of soil and rock to expose a concrete footing at the base of a hospital wall. The hospital had specified minimal noise and vibration during the excavation process. The Twinca dumper and a Brokk 160 provide this capability due to the electric power capabilities for each unit. Access from the excavation zone to the skip bin was 35m long which involved traversing a set of stairs. A temporary ramp was installed over the stairs to allow the Twinca dumper to safely manage the incline when loaded.

The excavation and removal of the 8m3 was completed in six hours. The Twinca dumper started with a fully charged battery and at the end of the shift had 45% charge capacity remaining.

“Working smarter not harder makes limited access projects such as this run smoothly and safely,” ends Jason Franken.

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