Two Italian demolition associations merge

Published 9/3, 2021 at 11:40

NADECO, the National Association for Demolition and Circular Economy in Construction, is the name of the new association created after the successful merger of the Italian Association for Demolition and the Italian Association for Controlled Demolition.

The new association consists of six member categories – decontamination, demolition, diamond concrete sawing, engineering offices, inert waste treatment and scrap iron treatment – with the aim of creating working groups made up of companies and institutions in construction and demolition. NADECO says the groups will focus on the central theme of the green economy and that the organisation itself will work to make industry professionalism, attention to environmental issues and respect for work ethics universally recognised. It also added that the new organisation will, ‘actively respond to the problems of a constantly evolving sector’. The organisation’s new board of directors has appointed Giuseppe Panseri of specialist demolition firm Despe as its president and Diego Tedoldi of construction and controlled demolition company Tecnotagli as its vice president.

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