Two new high demolition excavators

Published 10/3, 2021 at 11:30

Caterpillar has released two new ‘Ultra High Demolition’ excavators, the 340 UHD and the 352 UHD, together with new ‘Hydraulic Connecting S Type’ couplers providing the ability to switch between hydromechanical attachments.

The 340 UHD features a more than 13% higher pin height than the 340F UHD to reach up to eight floor structures. More UHD and retrofit boom/stick configurations, along with Cat’s demolition attachment range, are available. Its coupling system can switch between two UHD fronts and retrofit booms/sticks without special tools in 15min, according to Cat. The hydraulically actuated variable gauge undercarriage offers a 4,000mm extended width that retracts to 3,000mm with 600mm track shoes for transport. The design reduces UHD boom transportation height to less than 3,000mm, with the 340 UHD with fixed undercarriage having a reduced transportation height of 3,403mm. The sticks can be configured with a Cat ‘CW’, ‘S-type’ or ‘Pin’ grabber coupler. The 22m front offers a maximum 3.7t weight at stick pin and horizontal reach of 13.55m at stick nose over the front and side of the machine. With a 3.3t maximum weight at stick pin, the 25m front offers a 13.33m maximum reach at stick nose over the front and side.

The hydraulic boom lines on the 340 HD are connected/disconnected by hand and without special tools, and contractors can choose between one or two piece booms. Stick length options include 2.8m, 3.2m and 3.9m. ‘Standard Cat Payload’ provides payload weighing and estimates so that operators, in Cat’s own words, ‘can achieve precise load targets when working with the one piece retrofit boom’. Cat Payload monitoring will be activated in 2021. Rated at 232kW, the EU Stage V emissions standard compliant Cat C9.3B engine runs on diesel or biodiesel fuel up to B20. Three engine power modes – ‘Power’, ‘Smart’ and ‘Eco’ – match the machine to job needs to lower fuel consumption over the 340F UHD. Smart mode matches engine and hydraulic power requirements.

Viewed through the new 254mm high-resolution touchscreen monitor, the ‘Cat Active Stability Monitoring System’ informs and provides warnings to operators. Ranging from 1.5% to 100%, the side bar changes length and colour (green/yellow/red), depending on ratio. The width of the premium seat has been increased by 5% over previous designs. Its left hand tilt up console helps to improve ingress/egress up to 45%, according to Cat. Operators can programme machine operating settings, and the system stores them based on operator ID.

The 340 UHD features a 30° tilt up cab design, and the UHD front is work tool camera ready. The demolition cab is equipped with ‘Falling Object Guard Structure’ and front and roof P5A, 10mm laminated glass.  The windshield and roof glass feature parallel wipers with three intermittent settings with washer spray, and a standard rear view and side view camera provide enhanced visibility. A 360° bird’s eye view camera system is optional. The model also features a hydraulic filter with a 3,000h change interval and anti-drain valves. All fuel filters change at a synchronised 1,000h interval. Operators track filter life and maintenance intervals on the monitor. The model includes a ground level shut off switch. The machine’s flat engine hood has a wide opening design for servicing and oil level checking. Other maintenance routine checkpoints are accessible from ground level as is the location for draining fuel system water and fuel tank water.

All ‘Cat S·O·S SM’ ports are accessed from ground level. Beyond Cat Payload, the new 340 UHD with the single retrofit boom is equipped with a host of Cat technologies. ‘Cat E-fence’ and ‘Cat Grade’ with 2D guide depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade. The machine compensates for excavator pitch/roll through the use of GPS and ‘GLONASS’. Standard ‘Cat Product Link’ captures machine operating data and condition, and reports to field managers and the office via ‘VisionLink’. ‘Remote Troubleshoot’ analyses machine data for diagnostics. ‘Remote Flash’ assures the 340 UHD is working with the current version of on board software. The ‘Cat App’ allows workers to manage fleet location, hours, and maintenance schedules and delivers alerts to mobile devices.


The 352 UHD Ultra High Demolition excavator

The 352 UHD is designed to handle the difficult demolition of tall structures with Cat demolition attachments. The UHD front can be switched for a straight or bent (retrofit) boom position for lower level demolition and earthmoving applications. This switch is said by Cat to typically take about 15min with two people without special tools. The 352 UHD features a variable gauge undercarriage (hydraulically activated), as well as the ‘Cat Active Stability Monitoring system’, which informs the operator of work tool position within a safe working range and warns when approaching stability limits.

The 352 UHD provides 28m of vertical height to the work tool attachment pin, and 15.8m of horizontal reach when working with a 3.7t tool. These specifications allow the 352 UHD to demolish structures eight or nine stories high fast, with precision and control thanks to the electro hydraulic control system. The undercarriage gauge is 4,000mm when working, and 3,000mm for transport with 600mm track shoes. In retrofit straight boom configuration, the 352 UHD uses a 9.1m retrofit boom with a choice of 2.9m or 3.35m retrofit stick. Equipped with the longer stick and a 3.08m³ bucket, the 352 UHD has a digging depth of 6,670mm and a maximum reach at ground level of 11,880mm. The 352 models use the Cat C13 engine, rated at 304kW and meeting EU Stage V/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The C13 can operate on biodiesel up to B20, and there are three power modes available. With the retrofit boom, the machine can use Cat Grade with 2D, swing ‘e-fencing’ and Cat Payload. Cat Payload can be used with VisionLink to remotely manage production targets via Product Link.

The Cat demolition cab features a Falling Objects Guard Structure and includes front and roof laminated glass with a P5A impact rating. The cabs tilt up 30° and the windshield and roof glass feature parallel wipers with three intermittent settings with washer spray. Premium seat is standard. Rear view and right hand side view standard cameras are included. The left console tilts up for cab entry and exit, and viscous mounts reduce cab vibration. UHD models accept a work tool camera, which can be installed by the Cat dealer. Each joystick button can be programmed and these settings can be recalled using operator ID. The machine features an automatic hydraulic oil warmup feature and a high resolution 254mm touchscreen monitor. The model features ground level hydraulic oil checks and fuel system water drains. Filter life and maintenance intervals can be tracked via the monitor. All fuel filters can be changed at a synchronised 1,000h, and oil and fuel filters are grouped on the right hand side. Oil sampling ports allow for extraction of fluid samples for analysis.


New HCS Hydraulic Connecting S Type couplers

The new HCS Hydraulic Connecting S Type couplers can, according to Cat, switch between hydromechanical attachments and be operational in seconds. Excavators of similar sizes can share attachments, with HCS couplers covering a range of machines from 311-340 tracked and M314-M322 wheeled excavators. They are designed for performance suited to hydromechanical tools in demolition and in city earthmoving applications. The quick disconnect design prevents contamination of the hydraulic system, while the coupler design protects hoses and components. HCS couplers feature sensor technology and measures to keep attachments connected in case of hydraulic pressure loss. The coupler gives visual and audible cues, as well as confirmation on the machine’s screen of connection to the attachment.

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