Two tools in one

Published 5/10, 2020 at 11:49

The new Enerpac ECS-Series Cutter Spreader combination tool features powerful jaws that can cut and spread, bringing a versatile and simple tool to demolition and decommissioning projects.

The powerful spreading jaws apply 5t of force to quickly open workpieces and expose the internal parts of vehicles, appliances and other industrial equipment. A pair of large blades ‘grip and cut’ through extensive sections of sheet metal and similar materials, streamlining and accelerating the processing operation. Whether recycling appliances, removing impediments or cutting materials down to size, the Cutter Spreader combination tool is the ideal tool to access required parts and get the job done.

The Cutter Spreader combination tool is an innovative and simple design that offers both cutting and spreading action in a single ‘plug and play’ tool without the need of pumps, hoses or batteries. The tool only weighs 15Kg and features a rotatable head for optimal positioning of the jaws on the workpiece. A large control knob positioned directly at the front of the handle makes it easy to activate the jaws, regardless of how the tool is positioned. The Cutter Spreader combination tool blades open to 300mm to grip and cut a large variety of work pieces within two to three seconds. Unlike typical spreading tools that deliver only 1t of spreading force, the powerful ECS-Series tools generate over 5t of force to get the job done fast and with ease.

Enerpac is a leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic tools, controlled force products, portable machining, providing on site services and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. As a leading innovator with a 110 year legacy, Enerpac has helped move and maintain some of the largest structures on earth. When safety and precision matters, elite professionals in industries such as aerospace, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, oil, gas and power generation have relied on Enerpac for quality tools, services and solutions, with the new fast and powerful ECS-Series continuing this proud tradition.

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