Tyrolit cooperates with the Viennese start-up

Published 28/6, 2019 at 12:33

Tyrolit has announced that it is working closely with Viennese start-up company, ToolSense GmbH, and Deutsche Telekom to connect construction machines.

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), enables intelligent communication between machines. This development has seen a new manufacturer-independent language for construction machines in concrete drilling and cutting technology being developed. Tyrolit is now implementing this innovation with the so named ‘MoveSmart’ technology. “Networked machines and digital solutions are becoming more and more important in our sector. We see that our customers need a universal, cross vendor solution. For that, the industry standard with ToolSense and DeutscheTelekom is ideally suited,” says Wolfgang Wiefler, managing director, Tyrolit Construction Products.

The development has seen one tool being used to seamlessly take over the administration of the machinery. Machines that, so far, have been isolated, and those which have only been used in offline operations, are now centrally connected by one single device. As a result, the barely digitalised concrete drilling and cutting technology segment has now taken a big leap forward.

The compact Tyrolit WSE1621 is a reliable and powerful wall saw system and the first in the world that features the MoveSmart technology. The all-rounder has particularly lightweight system components, as well as numerous digital equipment attributes which collects important data for optimal and smooth operation. Via its intelligent communication interface, the data is available anytime, whether in the office or on mobile devices, simplifying work for the user.

ToolSense develops solutions to enable contractors to react flexibly and quickly as they will know where their machinery (equipped with Tyrolit’s MoveSmart) is located, which machine was in use and for how long, whether there was unplanned downtime or whether a service is pending. The digital standard for ‘IoT’ is already being implemented in the production of many new construction machines, but contractors can also look forward to the possibility of upgrading older models with the new technology.

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