Tyrolit ‘Cut-All’ one disc for any material

Published 5/10, 2020 at 15:39

The Cut-All diamond cutting blade is the new all-rounder addition to the Tyrolit range.

The robust saw blade is suitable for almost all materials found on building sites, and can be used for any type of reconstruction work in the house and garden. The universal saw blade has what is said to be outstanding durability offering a clean cutting pattern. It is suitable for materials such as concrete, cast iron, building materials, hard stone, marble, nonferrous metals, abrasive materials, plastic, glass, wood and composites.

The blade is universally suited to construction and landscaping applications as well as those found in the construction and landscaping sectors. It is ideal for rescue operations by fire brigades and security forces. It has a very long lifetime and consistent cutting performance, with the Cut-All series being available in five different sizes.


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